Estimate Your Retirement Benefit

General, Safety and APCD Plan Retirement Estimator

Using the easy 4-step form below, select the retirement plan type. Next, enter your age at retirement, years of service at retirement and average salary. Then click "Estimate My Benefits" to view your estimated monthly retirement allowance. You can then print the form and keep it for your records. To compute additional retirement estimates, select and change values as you go (changing plans will reset the form), or click the "Close & Reset" button after you are done viewing each estimate to repeat the procedure. For Plan 2 or Reciprocal members - please contact your benefit specialist for information.

Average Salary below is estimated MONTHLY salary at time of retirement.

Be aware that you can never receive more than your Average Salary.

Benefits Estimator


You can also manually calculate your benefit by clicking one of the two form links below. Simply print out the form and enter the boxes with the requested information. Again, Depending on the retirement plan you are in, a general member or a safety member, you can click the link below bring up the appropriate form.

Additional Retirement Credit (ARC) Estimator

New legislation prohibits members from purchasing ARC effective January 1, 2013.

All other types of service purchases are still allowed (Extra Help prior to first membership, Medical Leave, Redeposit of previously withdrawn contributions, etc.). To obtain an estimate of the purchase cost, complete and submit a Buyback Request Form that can be found by following the Forms & Publications link.

* IMPORTANT NOTICE - This is not an official SBCERS estimate and SBCERS is not bound by the results. In the event of a conflict between the Retirement Calculator projections and the official SBCERS retirement allowance calculation, SBCERS's written estimate will govern.