Water Agency


The Santa Barbara County Water Agency manages a number of regional programs which include: (1) implementation and partial funding of operational programs such as the cloud seeding program, (2) implementation of the regional water efficiency program, and (3) development of county-wide hydrologic data and development of hydrologic models.

Included in these programs are compilation and publication of reports on groundwater conditions, sediment management studies, technical support to other public agencies, and public information. Major water projects involving the Water Agency include the State Water Project (Coastal Branch Extension), Cachuma Project, and the Twitchell Project. Follow the links below to view information regarding these programs. 

New Projects:

San Antonio Groundwater Basin Water Availability Study

Groundwater Sustainability Agencies in Santa Barbara County


Integrated Regional Water Management Plan;
Proposition 50, Proposition 84 and Proposition 1


Water Supply Overview

Groundwater Basins 2019



Cloud Seeding Overview


Water Conservation Programs

Reports Documents

Reports and Documents