Water Agency

The Water Agency was established by the state legislature in 1945 to control and conserve storm, flood and other surface waters for beneficial use and to enter into contracts for water supply. It prepares investigations and reports on the County's water requirements, groundwater conditions, efficient use of water, and other water supply related technical studies, and manages a number of County-wide programs including the Integrated Regional Water Management Program, Regional Water Efficiency Program, and winter cloud seeding program. It provides technical assistance to other County departments, water districts, and the public concerning water availability. The Water Agency also administers the Cachuma Project and the Twitchell Dam Project contracts with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and participates in Groundwater Sustainability Agencies.  

The Water Agency was originally empowered under State Water Code Section 3000 et seq. to cooperate and contract with the United States and the State of California on behalf of municipalities and districts within the Agency's boundaries. It has since been empowered to also acquire property, condemn for the purpose of right-of-way, and assume indebtedness either as principle, guarantor, or underwriter.

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