Proposition 1

Proposition 1 – Water Quality, Supply & Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014 was passed by the voters in November 2014 and is A $7.545 billion Water Bond authorizing $7.12 billion in new general obligation bonds and the reallocation of $425 million in unused bond authority. 

The Key Funding Areas include:

$520 million – Clean Drinking Water (Chapter 5)
$1.495 billion – Protecting Rivers, Lakes, Streams, Coastal Waters & Watersheds (Chapter 6)     
$810 million – Regional Water Security, Climate & Drought Preparedness (Chapter 7)
$2.7 billion – Statewide Water System Operational Improvement (Chapter 8)
$725 million – Water Recycling (Chapter 9)
$900 million – Groundwater Sustainability (Chapter 10)
$395 million – Flood Management (Chapter 11)

Chapter 7 includes $810 million for expenditures, competitive grants & loans to projects included in an adopted IRWM plan & projects that respond to climate change & contribute to regional water security. Of the $810 million, $510 million is specifically assigned to hydrologic regions for IRWM funding. There will be at least 2 rounds of IRWM Funding, including a Round 1, which will comprises a Limited Planning Grant Program ($5 million) available to IRWM regions without an approved Plan or for Plans that require updating because of legislative changes and discrete Disadvantaged Communities (DAC) Involvement Funding for IRWM regions to increase DAC participation and for planning activities and documents.  

The Central Coast Funding Allocation for all Rounds is $43 million.

Project solicitation for the IRWM Implementation Round 1 resulted in the submission of 9 projects from 6 agencies.  
The project selection sub-committee reviewed and evaluated the projects and produced a preliminary scoring sheet.  
An appeals process was established and some appeals were submitted, which the sub-committee reviewed and re-scored.