Proposition 50

Proposition 50, Chapter 8 (Prop 50), provided approximately $380 million for two types of competitive grants for the IRWM Grant Program, planning and implementation. The Planning Grants fostered development or completion of IRWM Plans or components thereof, to enhance regional planning efforts, and to assist more applicants to become eligible for Implementation Grant funding. Implementation Grants funded projects that met one or more of the program objectives of protecting communities from drought, protecting and improving water quality, and improving local water security by reducing dependence on imported water.

The first Countywide IRWMP was generated over a span of years and included a series of public workshops, stakeholder meetings and generation of the IRWM Plan. The IRWM Plan was completed in 2007 and served as the foundation upon which the Santa Barbara Region was successfully awarded $25 million for 14 water and wastewater projects, programs and infrastructure upgrades. 

Table of successful Project Awards through Propositions 50 and 84.

Proposition 50 Documents and Relevant Links

  Comp 1 Component 1: COMB                          /uploadedImages/pwd/content/Water/IRWMP/Comp 2.jpg Component 2: Carpinteria Sanitary District
  /uploadedImages/pwd/content/Water/IRWMP/Comp 3.jpg Component 3: Carpinteria Water District Casmalia Water System Overview Component 4: Casmalia CSD
  /uploadedImages/pwd/content/Water/IRWMP/Comp 5.jpg Component 5: City of Guadalupe   /uploadedImages/pwd/content/Water/IRWMP/Comp 6.jpg Component 6: SBC Flood Control District  
  /uploadedImages/pwd/content/Water/IRWMP/Comp 7.jpg Component 7: City of Santa Maria   /uploadedImages/pwd/content/Water/IRWMP/Comp 8.jpg Component 8: Ag Commissioner's Office
  /uploadedImages/pwd/content/Water/IRWMP/Comp 9.jpg Component 9: Cuyama CSD   Prop50Comp10 Component 10: Cuyama CSD  
  /uploadedImages/pwd/content/Water/IRWMP/Comp 11.jpg Component 11: Goleta Sanitary District   /uploadedImages/pwd/content/Water/IRWMP/Comp 12.jpg Component 12: Goleta Water District
  /uploadedImages/pwd/content/Water/IRWMP/Comp 13.jpg  Component 13: Laguna Sanitary District   /uploadedImages/pwd/content/Water/IRWMP/Comp 14.jpg Component 14: Vandenberg Village CSD