Wastewater Districts, County Service Areas, and Streetlighting Districts

This section manages the Laguna County Sanitation District Wastewater Reclamation Facility, which serves the Orcutt and unincorporated Santa Maria; County Service Areas 12, which provides wastewater collection for the Mission Canyon area; as well as operating and administrative streetlighting functions in County Service Area 3 (unincorporated Goleta and unincorporated Santa Barbara), County Service Area 31 (Isla Vista), County Service Area 11 (Summerland and unincorporated Carpinteria) Mission Lighting (Mission Canyon area) and the Santa Barbara North County Lighting District (unincorporated Santa Maria, unincorporated Lompoc, Casmalia, Los Alamos and Orcutt)

The Laguna County Sanitation District

Streetlighting Districts

Mission Canyon Sewer District    

Report Street Light Outage: