Surveyor Information System

Interactive Map - Spatial Index
Note: not all records are spatially indexed;
For more complete indexing, use with other available indexes

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Known Compatibility Issues 
As with all technology, there may be technical issues with the Interactive Map application when viewed with some versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, or mobile devices.

Index Information & Records Lookup Pages
Category Data Set Lookup Page
Filed Maps (Monumentation) Corner Records Index Corner Records
Filed Maps (Monumentation) Intersection Ties Index Intersection Ties
Filed Maps (Monumentation) Santa Maria City Tie Book Index SM City Tie Book Sheets
Recorded Maps Records of Surveys Index MS MAPS RS MM OM CONDO
Recorded Maps Maps (with Tracts) Index MS MAPS RS MM OM CONDO
Recorded Maps Condominium Maps Index MS MAPS RS MM OM CONDO
Recorded Maps Parcel Maps Index Parcel Maps

Completeness Report

The Completeness Report for the data set used in the Interactive Map is reported in the Metadata available from the Lookup Pages listed above. 

The data set used in the Interactive Map and metadata are not always updated at the same time as the scanned maps and Excel® index made available from the Lookup Pages listed above.

Also See the Completeness sheet in Excel tabular indecies for a Summary Report of GIS and Spreadsheet count statistics: Spreadsheet Count does not include voids and is an estimate only. The % reported to be in GIS is also an estimate only.

For more information, please see the Completeness Report and Use Constraints in the metadata, as well as the the Disclaimer for the Surveyor Information System.


Working with Layers

  • In the Layers panel, click the check-box next to the layer name to turn the layer visibility on or off.
  • To identify features on the map, click the Info tool (upper right portion of the screen), then click on the feature you want to identify. View the attributes for an identified feature in the Query Results panel (bottom portion of the screen).  If multiple features are found, then click the Layers drop-down arrow at the upper-right side of the Query Results panel and select a layer to see the attributes of each layer item found.
  • Each surveyor map index layer has an attribute hyperlink to view a PDF of the spatially indexed map scan.

Using Search or Info tools

  • The Search and Info tools only find features of visible Layers, so make sure the layer you want to search is check on.
  • The Search and Info tools only find the first page of multi-page recorded maps.
  • When using the Search or Info tools, the results highlight red in the map view and appear listed in the bottom Query Results panel.
    If multiple features are found, then select a layer from the Layers dropdown in the Query Results panel to see the attributes for each layer item found.
  • Selected found result items highlight yellow in the map view. Clicking the target icon at the beginning of a selected item row will zoom the map view to the selected item.  
Working with PDFs
  • Each recorded map page is in a separate Adobe Reader PDF file.  Specific map pages can be retrieved, by Book/Page, through the lookup page for the corresponding map category listed above.
  • If your Adobe Reader is configured to open PDFs in the browser then you can navigate to the next or previous page by manually changing the page number of the PDF file in the address bar of your Web browser.
  • Older records may be displayed sideways. To rotate the page, click the rotate clockwise or rotate counterclockwise tool button in the Adobe Reader toolbar (to display tool buttons in the tool bar, right-click on the tool bar and select More Tools...).
  • For best results with PDFs in 64-bit Windows 7, please use a browser enabled with a PDF viewer plugin.