Geodetic Survey

Recorded Horizontal and Vertical Control Surveys

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Title First Page Page Range Date
City of Lompoc. Corrected by 1991-0033300 OR RS 142/082   082-083 02/25/1991
Vandenberg Air Force Base RS 143/081 081-089 08/13/1992
Santa Barbara County Central Coast Conduit RS 147/017 017-023 08/16/1995
City of Santa Barbara Westside Storm Drain RS 147/028 028-029 10/27/1995
Santa Maria Valley RS 147/057 057-061 02/05/1996
City of Santa Barbara RS 147/070 070-074 03/06/1996
Santa Ynez Valley RS 147/098   098 09/13/1996
California CORS RS 148/029 029-044 12/19/1996
City of Santa Barbara, Replacement of Station 0006 RS 149/016 016-017 04/07/1998
Highway 154 RS 149/035 035-047 07/30/1998
San Jose Creek RS 170/001 001-002 06/01/1999
South Coast BaseNet RS 170/047 047-049 08/02/2000
Santa Barbara Airport RS 170/063 063-065 12/08/2000
Goleta/Naples & Carpinteria/Summerland RS 170/078 078-082 04/03/2001
CORS. Supercedes 171/022-023, Corrected by 2002-0083115 OR RS 171/024 024-025 03/19/2002
City of Lompoc, Corrected by 2005-0028236 OR RS 172/004 004-007 08/22/2003
University of California Santa Barbara RS 175/087 087-090 10/03/2008
City of Lompoc, Replacement of Station 117 RS 177/030 030 01/26/2011
USFS Gap Fire Cadastral Survey RS 177/059 059-076


City of Buellton, Horizontal and Vertical Control Network, amended from original Book 177 Pages 45-46,  Corrected by 2011-0062636 OR RS 177/089 089-090 10/31/2011

2018 Montecito High Precision Geodetic Control Network.
Spreadsheet Index of Station Photos: (Montecito2018HPGN_ControlPoints_StationImageIndex.xls)
Sheet # of Accompanying Report
0                   Cover Page
1                   Index & Surveyor's Statement
2                   Adjustment Overview, Equipment & Procedures
3                   Adjustments
8                   Final Coordinates
Appendix A:  NGS Data Sheets/Velocities & HTDP Output
Appendix B:  Reference Documents
R1:                Report & version 2 of Coordinate Table 1, California Spatial
                      Reference System, CSRS epoch 2017.50 (NAD83),
                      January 4, 2018
R2:                City of Santa Barbara Survey Benchmarks 2008 Height
                      Modernization Project, on file in the Office of the Santa  
                      Barbara County Surveyor
R3:                Santa Barbara Control Network, Record of Survey Book  
                     147 Pages 70 through 74, inclusive, Santa Barbara County
                      Recorder's Office
R4:                GNSS Surveying Standards And Specifications, 1.1, a joint 
                      publication of the California Land Surveyor's Association  
                      (CLSA) & the California Spatial Reference Center (CSRC),
                      dated December 10, 2011
Appendix C:  Raw Vector Data (Post-Processed Covariance Matrix
Appendix D:  Star*Net Adjustment Outputs
Appendix E:  Record of Survey 7051 (212 RS 48-52)

RS 212/048 048-052 04/16/2019

Santa Barbara City Survey Benchmarks

LCSO Logo Image

City of Santa Barbara Survey Benchmarks
2008 Height Modernization

Santa Ynez Valley Horizontal/Vertical Control Stations.
Station Recovery Datasheets

NGS Vertical Control Stations
NGS Survey Mark Datasheets. Bench Marks, Tidal Bench Marks, Horizontal Control Stations and more.

NGS/USGS Google Earth Bench Mark Tools
NGS/USGS Google Earth Overlays. The KMZ file downloadable from here has two layers for display:  USGS Topographic map overlay, and NGS survey markers with info balloons.

Geocaching / Benchmark Hunting Tools
Benchmark Hunting / Geocaching. Benchmark hunting is fun! Using your GPS unit and/or written directions provided by NGS, which are available to the public, you can seek out NGS survey markers and other items that have been marked in the USA.

Calibration Base Lines
NGS Calibration Base Lines.
See also Record of Survey, Calibration baseline in Santa Barbara County, RS 176/029, 02/18/2009.

Spatial Reference
California Spatial Reference Center
Geodetic Datums