City of Santa Maria Monument Tie Book

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This look up does not retrieve Tie Book Sheets for Santa Maria City tract names.

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Spreadsheet Index
Filed As File Size Download (Excel) Date of Index Last Filed
City of Santa Maria Tie Book Index <1 MB excel icon 02/21/2018 circa 1950-60
GIS Index
Filed As Metadata (html) Shapefile (zip) Date of Index % in GIS*
City of Santa Maria Tie Book Index Map Polygons 02/21/2018  02/21/2018 100%
City of Santa Maria Tie Book Sheet Index Points  02/21/2018  02/21/2018  100%

*GIS Completeness Report Summary: Spreadsheet Count does not include voids and is an estimate only. The % in GIS is also an estimate only. For more information, please see the Completeness Report and Use Constraints in the metadata, as well as the the Disclaimer for the Surveyor Information System.

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