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GLO/BLM Field Notes and Plats

Map of Land Grants and Townships
Presentation Maps, including the Map of Santa Barbara County - Land Grants and Townships.
Also see the Land Grants page.

This page is a reference to what General Land Office / Bureau of Land Management records are available from the Santa Barbara County Surveyor's Office. Some of these images may not be very clear or may have been cropped, cutting off part of the document. For clear, scanned images from the original documents, please contact the BLM California Cadastral Survey through the link at the bottom of this page.

Collection-Specific Notes and Information:

Field Notes

Complete field notes contain a description of each mile surveyed, every monument set, and every bearing tree scribed.

Volume R 617, Page 151-156, Remonumentation of a Special Meander Corner in Section 34, in Township 10 North, Range 36 West, SBBM.


Plats (maps) show graphic representation of information contained in the field notes.

Mount Diablo Meridian
Township 32 South - Range East

R17E 18E
T32S 32-17 32-18

San Bernardino Meridian
Township North - Range West

Santa Ynez Indian Reservation
Santa Ynez, 9022_28 and 9023_28a.
See also T6N-R31W, SBBM.

Protraction Diagram

Protraction Diagram 145, Township 5½ North, Range 24 West, SBBM.

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