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These records are maps that were physically taken out of Books of Chattels, Deeds, Leases, Misc. Records and Patents.

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MM Book1
MM1_01   Plat of Canada de Los Pinos or College Ranch
MM1_02   Plat of Tequepis Rancho
MM1_03   Plat of Rancho Las Positas y la Calera
MM1_04   Plat of Rancho Canada de la San Miguelito (Ventura Co.)
MM1_05   Plat of Rancho Punta de la Conception
MM1_06   Plat of Rancho Temascal (Ventura Co. & LA Co.?)
MM1_07   Plat of Rancho Las Posas (Ventura Co.)
MM1_08   Plat of Rancho Ojai (Ventura Co.)
MM1_09   Plat of Rancho Santa Rosa
MM1_10   Plat of Pueblo Land of Santa Barbara
MM1_11   Plat of Rancho Lomas de la Purification
MM1_12   Plat of Rancho Canada del Corral
MM1_13   Plat of Rancho Santa Paula y Saticoy (Ventura Co.)
MM1_14   Plat of Rancho Rio de Santa Clara (Ventura Co.)
MM1_15   Plat of Rancho Los Alamos
MM1_16   Plat of Rancho El Rincon
MM1_17   Plat of Rancho San Carlos de Jonata
MM1_18   Plat of Rancho El Conejo (Ventura Co.)
MM1_19   Plat of Rancho Punta de la Laguna
MM1_20   Plat of Rancho La Mission Vieja de la Purisima
MM1_21   Plat of Rancho Canada de Salsipuedes
MM1_22   Mission de la Purisima proper,  14 acres
MM1_23   Mission of Santa Barbara
MM1_24   Mission Santa Ynez
MM1_25   Plat of Tinaquiac Rancho
MM1_26   Plat of Rancho Los Prietos y Najalayegua
MM1_27   Plat of Rancho Corral de Quate
MM1_28   Plat of Rancho Santa Rita
MM1_29   Plat of Rancho La Zaca
MM1_30   Plat of Guadalupe Rancho
MM1_31   Plat of Rancho Todos Santos y San Antonio
MM1_32   Plat of Guadalupe Rancho
MM1_33   Plat of Rancho Los Dos Pueblos
MM1_34   Plat of Casmalia Rancho
MM1_35   Plat of Rancho Punta de la Concepcion
MM1_36   Plat of Guadalupe Rancho
MM1_37   Plat of Rancho de Las Cruces
MM1_38   Plat of Nojoqui Rancho
MM1_39   Plat of Tepusquet Rancho
MM1_40   Plat of Rancho de Suey
MM1_41   Plat of Cuyama Rancho
MM1_42   Land of D.W. ap Jones
MM1_43   Part of Rancho La Laguna Subdivided
MM1_44   Neale's Addition to Town of Santa Barbara
MM1_45   Van Vactor & Myers Addition to Town of Sta Barbara
MM1_46L Plat of Portion of Canada de Los Pinos or College Rancho, Lot 38, St Joseph
MM1_46R City Block 305 Santa Barbara
MM1_47   Asa Adams Subdivision portion of La Goleta
MM1_48   Subdivision of City Blocks Santa Barbara
MM1_49   Plat of Portion of Canada de Los Pinos or College Rancho, Lot 38, St Joseph
MM1_50   Los Alamos Valley
MM Book2
MM2_01   Plan of lot purchase by W. Douglas from F. Underhill
MM2_02   Plat of Harris Ranch
MM2_03   Plat showing proposed change in roads near Old Mission
MM2_04L Plat of Block 367
MM2_04R Plat of John E. Beale's land
MM2_05   Corrected map of Sycamore Canyon Road
MM2_06L Hartnell Est,  Todos Santos Rancho,  Union Oil
MM2_06R Plat of Union Oil Company land
MM2_07L Miramar. Plat of property to be deeded to Margaret Burns
MM2_07R Plat of E1/2 SW1/4 Sec17 T10N R33W
MM2_08 Plat of Agreement line between Standard Oil and Twitchell land
MM2_09   Plan of Santa Maria Valley RR 50ft ROW
MM2_10   Plat of Agreement line between A.N. Silva and Cornelius Donovan
MM2_11L Plat of Bath Street,  City of Santa Barbara
MM2_11R Highway through Los Alamos Rancho Tract 5
MM2_12L Plat of Fourth Ave from So. Pac. RR to Mission Creek
MM2_12R Plat of Land of Mrs. M.P. Cutter
MM2_13   Plat of Green Canyon Drainage
MM2_14   Highway through Rancho Los Alamos
MM2_15   Plat of J.F. Goodwin's Lease
MM2_16   Plat of Lot 5 Guadalupe Rancho
MM2_17   Easement for Railroad Crossing
MM2_18   Guadalupe Ranch Lot 8 and Lot 156
MM2_19   Bettravia Ranch
MM2_20   Portion of the Punta de Laguna Rancho
MM2_21   Punta de Laguna Rancho lot 8
MM2_22   Oil Leases San Carlos de Jonata Rancho
MM2_23   Ocean Oil Claims - Summerland
MM2_24   Block C Bates Addition City Santa Barbara
MM2_25   Scan: "25 No Image"
MM2_26   Valley Lands of Suey Ranch and Santa Maria River
MM2_27   Scan: "27 No Image"
MM2_28   Scan: blank page
MM2_29   Las Tunas Road
MM2_30   Scan: blank page
MM2_31   Scan: blank page
MM2_32   College Ranch Oil Leases
MM Book3
MM3_01   Eliza Pauline Elizalde tract Portion Rancho Punta Laguna
MM3_02   Scan: blank page
MM3_03   Scan: blank page
MM3_04   Reinforced Concrete Bridge SP RR STA 109
MM3_05   Scan: blank page
MM3_06   Scan: blank page
MM3_07   Reinforced Concrete Bridge SP RR STA 109
MM3_10   Reinforced Concrete Bridge SP RR STA 109
MM3_11   Scan: blank page
MM3_12   Scan: blank page
MM3_13   San Antonio Valley port. Jesus Maria Rancho topo
MM3_14   Scan: blank page
MM3_15   Town of Santa Ynez
MM3_16   Santa Ana Rancho (Orange Co.?)
MM3_17   Plat of Curry & Smith's Addn to Twn Santa Maria
MM3_18   Subdivisions of Block 90 City of Santa Barbara
MM3_19   Map of Rancho San Julian
MM3_20   Subdivisions of land J.D Patterson Rancho La Goleta
MM3_21L Plat of Block 56 City Santa Barbara
MM3_21R Block 231, City of Santa Barbara, Brinkerhoff Ave, De La Vina, Haley, Chapala, Cota
MM3_22   Plat of Island of Santa Cruz
MM3_23   Plat of Grigsby Tract
MM3_24   Plat of Block 235 City of Santa Barbara
MM3_25   Plat of Island of Santa Rosa
MM3_26B Bella Vista tract at El Montecito
MM3_26T Map of the Barker Tract in City Santa Barbara
MM3_27   Plat of Subdivision Block 313 City Santa Barbara
MM3_28   Map of Jesus Maria Rancho
MM3_29   Subdivisons of Blocks 70, 85, 100 Aloha Tract
MM3_30L Map of Town Site of La Goleta
MM3_30R Map of Subdivision Block 130 City Santa Barbara
MM3_31   Plat of Cuyama Rancho
MM3_32L Map of NE COR Lot 144 Guadalupe Ranch
MM3_32R Ellwood 1 - mi west
MM3_33   Subdivision Map of the E.B. Taylor Estate
MM3_34   Plat of the Rancho Mission La Purisima
MM3_35   Map of 5-1/2 acre tract from well M-25 to M-71
MM Book4
MM4_01   Portions of land of A.P. Tognazzini
MM4_02   Plat of the San Marcos Rancho
MM4_03   Map of H. Bonetti Purchase
MM4_04   Map of Lot 8 & Lot 156 of the Guadalupe Ranch
MM4_05   Hamell's Addition to the City of Santa Barbara
MM4_06   Map of Lot 8 & Lot 156 of the Guadalupe Ranch
MM4_07   Map of Lot 9 & Lot 11 of the Guadalupe Ranch
MM4_08   Block 104 City of Santa Barbara
MM4_09   Lot 116 and part 117,  115 Guadalupe Ranch
MM4_10   East part of Lot 117,  & Lot 118 Guadalupe Ranch
MM4_11   Town of Los Alamos
MM4_12   Lot 143 Guadalupe Ranch
MM4_13   Map of Lot 8 & Lot 156 of the Guadalupe Ranch
MM4_14   Land of C.H. & E.J. Clark Rancho Guadalupe Subdivisons 113, 134, 135
MM4_15   Lot 113 Guadalupe Ranch
MM4_16   Lot 116 and part 117,, 115 Guadalupe Ranch
MM4_17   Map of Buena Vista Tract Montecito Valley
MM4_18   Map showing Portion of Oil District
MM4_19   Scan: blank page - check
MM4_20   Block 96 City of Santa Barbara
MM4_21   Scan: blank page
MM4_22   Scan: blank page
MM4_23   Map of Oak Park Tract City Of Santa Barbara
MM4_24   Scan: blank page
MM4_25   Scan: blank page
MM4_26   Point Conception Light-House Reservation
MM4_27   Scan: blank page
MM4_28   Scan: blank page
MM4_29   The Dixie Thompson Estate Part 20
MM4_30   Scan: blank page
MM4_31   Scan: blank page
MM4_32   Drainage Project Southwesterly Santa Maria