Land Grants

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Land Grants - Pueblo Land, Islands, Missions, and Ranchos

Ranchos Map

  • Also see  Presentation Maps, including the Map of Santa Barbara County - Land Grants and Townships. For more information on townships, see the GLO/BLM Plats page
  • California State Archives,  Spanish and Mexican Land Grants, 1855-1875
  • Article on the  Ranchos of California . Extracts from: Grants of land in California made by Spanish or Mexican authorities, by Cris Perez, Boundary Determination Office, State Lands Commmission.

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Spatial Indices

See the Discontinued Index or Boundaries>Historical Ranchos in the  County GIS Data Catalog.

Santa Barbara County

For search purposes, the land grant names below do not have accent marks or special characters. These do not appear consistently on the County Recorder's copies of these grants. For the Spanish language spelling, please see the spreadsheet index.

Reference, Hyperlink, Title Patent A 092, MM1_10, Pueblo Land of Santa Barbara
Patent A 044, MM3_22, Island of Santa Cruz
Patent A 204, MM3_25, Island of Santa Rosa
Patent A 180, MM1_22, Mission de la Purisima
Patent A 184, MM1_23, Mission of Santa Barbara
Patent A 190, MM1_24, Mission of Santa Ynez
Patent A 126, MM1_15, Rancho los Alamos
Patent A 102, MM1_12, Rancho Canada del Corral
Patent A 050, MM1_01, Rancho Canada de los Pinos or College Ranch
Patent A 176, MM1_21, Rancho Canada de Salsipuedes
Patent A 392, MM1_34, Rancho Casmalia
Patent A 264, MM1_27, Rancho Corral de Quate
Patent A 584, MM1_37, Rancho las Cruces
Patent G 015, MM1_41, Rancho Cuyama (Maria Antonia de la Guerra y Lataillade)
Patent G 041, MM1_41, Rancho Cuyama (Maria Antonia de la Guerra y Lataillade)
Patent A 412, MM3_31, Rancho Cuyama (Heirs of Cesario Lataillade)
Patent A 334, MM1_33, Rancho los Dos Pueblos
Patent A 004, Patent_A004, Rancho la Goleta
Patent A 294, MM1_30, Rancho Guadalupe
Patent A 320, MM1_32, Rancho Guadalupe
Patent A 491, MM1_36, Rancho Guadalupe
Patent A 374, MM3_28, Rancho Jesus Maria
Patent A 026, Patent A026, Rancho la Laguna
Patent A 100, MM1_11, Rancho Lomas de la Purificacion
Patent A 160, Rackmap_Rancho_Lompoc, Rancho Lompoc
Patent A 504, MM3_34, Rancho Mission la Purisima
Patent A 168, MM1_20, Rancho la Mission Vieja de la Purisima
Patent A 780, MM1_38, Rancho Nojoqui
Patent A 017, Patent A017, Rancho Nuestra Senora del Refugio
Patent A 062, MM1_03, Rancho las Positas y la Calera
Patent A 210, MM1_26, Rancho los Prietos y Najalayegua
Patent A 420, MM1_35, Rancho Punta de la Concepcion
Patent A 066, MM1_05, Rancho Punta de la Concepcion
Patent A 152, MM1_19, Rancho Punta de la Laguna
Patent A 130, MM1_16, Rancho el Rincon
Patent A 136, MM1_17, Rancho San Carlos de Jonata
Patent A 146, MM3_19, Rancho San Julian
Patent A 056, MM4_02, Rancho San Marcos
Patent A 278, MM1_28, Rancho Santa Rita
Patent A 086, MM1_09, Rancho Santa Rosa
Patent A 012, Patent A012, Rancho Sisquoc
Patent G 007, MM1_40, Rancho de Suey
Patent F 036, MM1_39, Rancho Tepusquet
Patent A 054, MM1_02, Rancho Tequepis
Patent A 200, MM1_25, Rancho Tinaquaic
Patent A 314, MM1_31, Rancho Todos Santos y San Antonio
Patent A 286, MM1_29, Rancho la Zaca


Ventura County

Patent A 138,  MM1_18, Rancho El Conejo
Patent A 084,  MM1_08, Rancho Ojai
Patent A 080,  MM1_07, Rancho Las Posas
Patent A 072,  MM1_04, Rancho Canada de la San Miguelito
Patent A 070,  MM3_16, Rancho Santa Ana
Patent A 120,  MM1_14, Rancho Rio de Santa Clara
Patent A 051,  Patent_A051, Rancho Santa Clara del Norte < br/>Patent A 112,  MM1_13, Rancho Santa Paula y Saticoy
Patent A 078,  MM1_06, Rancho Temescal