County Surveyor (CS) Maps

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Collection-Specific Notes and Information:

  • Example: 0001 would be entered for County Surveyor Map 1
  • See the spreadsheet index for CS map numbers with suffixes (A or B, with _1 or _2, etc...).
  • For records with a suffix, type the suffix number directly after the 4 digit CS map number.
    Example: 0905A_1 would be entered for County Surveyor Map CS905A_1.
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CS Maps

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For other geospatial information from the Santa Barbara County Public Works Department that is not available online, please contact:                                                                                                        
Teñell Matlovsky, Public Works, Survey Supervisor

For other geospatial information from the County of Santa Barbara visit:
The Santa Barbara County Mapping and GIS Resources Page