Probation Department Values

Our employees are our greatest assets.  The effectiveness of the Department is directly related to the extent to which all employees adhere to the following values:  honesty, integrity, dedication, loyalty, teamwork, and ethical work performance.

These values are the foundation upon which we perform our duties and interact with one another, the Courts, probationers, partner agencies, and the general public.  The following Organizational Values and Code of Ethics guide our efforts to serve and protect the citizens of Santa Barbara County:

Positive Work Environment
We value and promote a positive work environment that:

  • Protects the safety and welfare of employees, probationers, detainees, and the general public;
  • Encourages initiative, productivity, creativity, teamwork and professional growth; and
  • Stresses tolerance and is free of racial, ethnic, religious, and sexual harassment.

We value and promote the competency of all staff by:

  • Providing training to enable employees to effectively carry out their complex duties and individual responsibilities;
  • Encouraging a variety of work experiences to enhance deployability, employee motivation, advancement, and opportunities for future professional growth;
  • Providing employees with timely, balanced and objective assessments of their work performance; and
  • Recognizing excellent work performance.

We value and promote the development and demonstration of leadership by:

  • Recognizing that leaders exist at all levels of the organization and encouraging the development and exercise of leadership skills;
  • Acknowledging that leadership is displayed through technical acumen, initiative, vision, decisiveness, and accountability extending beyond the immediate scope of responsibility;
  • Recognizing that leaders look for the bigger picture, influence beyond their boundaries of their immediate assignment, and think and act in terms of positive change; and
  • Acknowledging that good leadership is objective, compassionate, understanding, respectful of the dignity of others.

Innovation and Flexibility
We value and promote innovation and flexibility within the organization by:

  • Seeking more effective, innovative, and evidence based ways to deliver probation services within an ever changing environment;
  • Soliciting and considering feedback from consumers and staff, identifying and evaluating alternatives, and communicating outcomes and rationale prior to making formal organizational changes; and
  • Planning and preparing for the implementation of organizational change in order to optimize results and cost effectiveness.

Public Resources
We value and promote the effective use of all public resources by:

  • Being accountable for providing all services in an efficient, cost-effective, and customer-focused manner within budgetary constraints;
  • Utilizing current technology in order to provide the most effective service delivery;
  • Implementing a robust program for the training and use of volunteers and student interns to reduce operational costs and enhance productivity;
  • Encouraging volunteerism and community involvement by employees; and
  • Collaborating with other government and community based organizations.