Records Sealing

Those seeking to seal their juvenile records can request to do so five years after the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court has been terminated, five years after the last juvenile citation, or anytime after a minor has reached 18 years of age.  Requests are submitted through the Probation Department, however only the Juvenile Court may order the juvenile record sealed.  In cases where specific violent or aggravated offenses as listed in the Welfare and Institutions 707(b) have been committed by minors over the age of 14, the Court cannot order the sealing of the record.

There is no cost for the application to seal a record for anyone under the age of 26.  For anyone 26 and over, there is an $85.17 fee.  A photo identification card is required in all cases.  Those electing to submit an application for sealing via mail must provide a photocopy of their identification.  The Probation Department will then conduct an investigation into the requestor's behavior since the last Court action and the eligibility for sealing, and submit a written report and recommendation to the Court regarding the record sealing request.

Please refer to the Probation Department Locations Page for contact information.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (Click the question to view each answer.)

The client can contact Santa Barbara County Probation, City Police, Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office or the Superior Court. If the Probation Department has no record, the client is referred to the agency that they believe cited/arrested them. A juvenile's record will not be given over the telephone as the client will need to provide proof of their identity.
A person may pick up the application in person and or they may request an application be mailed to them.
If submitting the application in person, no other documentation is needed. The application may be submitted to the Probation Department, the client's attorney or to the Public Defender's Office.
Generally, the time to process an application from beginning to sealing is approximately 3-5 months. Yes, the application can be tracked however it is not automated. The client would need to call the agency where they submitted their sealing application for tracking information.
A court hearing may be held if any of the involved agencies object to the sealing or if the client and or their attorney request a hearing. The Superior court calendars the matter for a hearing. Notification of the hearing is made by the courts. It is recommended that the client and or their attorney be present for the hearing.
Clients may use the Public Defender's Office for assistance if they were previously represented by the Public Defender's office. We have had cases where the client's private attorney has requested the sealing information and forms and provided assistance to the client at no charge.
When an application to seal has been denied, the client can re-apply as often as they would like. There is no time limit to reapply however all fees are charged again.
We recommend that you bring copies of all your paperwork from the attorney and the court to your area Probation CSW coordinator for clarification.