Susan J. Gionfriddo Juvenile Justice Center
Santa Maria Juvenile Hall

Santa Maria Juvenile Hall, also known as the Susan J. Gionfriddo Juvenile Justice Center, is located at 4263 California Blvd in Santa Maria.  (805)934-6270 

Visiting Information:

juvenile hall
  • Visiting is available for parents and legal guardians only. 
  • When entering the facility at the main public entrance, visitors may only bring a valid photo I.D. and one key.  The visitor I.D. and key will be delivered to the office staff in exchange for a visitor badge.
  • All visitors must pass through a metal detector before entering the facility.
  • All visitors are escorted to the visiting area as a group.
  • Special visits are only approved at the Supervising Probation Officer level.
  • Reading material brought in for a detainee must be soft cover only and becomes the property of the juvenile hall once the detainee finishes reading the book.  All books are reviewed by a Supervisor to determine if it is appropriate reading material for the juvenile hall. 
  • Detainees in maximum security have a no contact visit (through glass and telephone). 

Visiting Schedule

Sunday, 9:30 am – 10:30 am  Unit 4
Sunday, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm  Unit 5
Sunday, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm  Unit 6

Any person who brings or sends into Juvenile Hall any weapon, explosive, alcohol or unlawful drug are subject to imprisonment up to one year in the County Jail of imprisonment in State Prison.

-Section 871.5(a) Welfare and Institutions Code

Telephone Calls

juvenile hall
  • Upon admission, detainees have the legal right to make initial phone calls to parents or legal guardian, attorney and employer.
  • After making their initial phone call(s), detainees are given the opportunity to call parents Monday - Friday. 
  • Detainees receive phone privileges according to the level they are on :  Level C – no phone calls  Level B – one call per week  Level A – 2 calls per week.
  • Detainees enter on Level C and may progress to level B in approximately 2 days, if behavior warrants.
  • Calls are restricted to parents only and any violation of this rule may result in the loss of phone privileges. 
  • Detainees are not allowed to receive incoming calls.

Release Information

  • Parents and legal guardians will be contacted by institution staff when their child is to be released.
  • Detainees will only be released to a parent or legal guardian.


  • All detainees are required to attend school while detained unless they are already a high school graduate or are 18 years old.


juvenile hall
  • Detainees may send and receive mail through the U.S. Postal Service only.
  • All mail will be screened by staff for contraband and gang material.
  • Detainees will be provided two stamps and envelopes per week.
  • Envelopes provided by parent or legal guardian must have embossed stamps.