Batterers Intervention Programs

The Probation Department's Domestic Violence (DV) supervision caseloads are designed to facilitate offender compliance with statutory requirements relating to the management of DV cases. It is the goal of the Santa Barbara County Superior Court's Collaborative Courts' (CC) System that persons convicted of DV crimes be rehabilitated and that, whenever reasonably possible, existing viable family ties be maintained and strengthened.  DV offenders are required to participate in and complete the Batterers' Intervention Program (BIP).  Participating departments and treatment providers collaborate to provide the best therapeutic practices available so that the twin goals of rehabilitation and strengthening of the family unit can be accomplished. Standards, guidelines, policies and procedures have been developed to support the ongoing efforts being made the Court, Deputy Probation Officers, attorneys, and BIP providers.


BIP Certification Process:

The following is an overview of the mandatory certification process that all providers must undergo before being approved to deliver Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) services in Santa Barbara County.  The Santa Barbara County Guidelines for Batterers' Intervention Program Providers stipulates that BIP providers must not only successfully complete the initial certification process, but must also be recertified each year thereafter.  The associated documents are listed below.

The Penal Code (PC) Sections 1203.097 & 1203.098 delineates the minimum training requirements for staff facilitating BIP groups. You are strongly encouraged to review these PC Sections, as well as the enclosed Santa Barbara County Guidelines for Batterers' Intervention Program Providers and the Batterers' Intervention Program Provider Agreement.

Submission packets must include a training log/profile for any new BIP counselors or anyone not previously certified.  If a counselor was certified through the Santa Barbara County Probation Department in the previous year, a new log/profile is not required; however, certificates outlining the required annual 16 hours of continuing education are to be provided.

Prompt return of the application and accompanying documents will ensure the ability of Probation staff to initiate a review of your submission in a timely manner.  The certification/recertification fee is $250.  All for profit agencies will be required to pay the fee.  To proceed, please provide the following:

  1. The BIP Provider Agreement
  2. Application to Provide Batterers' Intervention Program Services
  3. A Counselor Training Log/Profile for each new facilitator(s)
  4. Listing of counselors who are currently certified
  5. Documentation regarding CEU's earned by facilitator(s) previously certified, along with their facilitation schedule
  6. Current insurance certificates for professional liability insurance

Completed submission packets are to be sent to Felicia Chavez at Probation's Santa Barbara office ~ 117 E. Carrillo St., Santa Barbara, CA  93101. You may personally deliver your packet, or send it to her attention at the aforementioned address via the U.S. postal service, or route it by e-mail to

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