2021 Press Releases

Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce E. Dudley announced today that on January 22, 2021, Gordon Alan Welterlen, 37, of San Diego, Nicole Michelle Milan, 31, of San Diego, and Rosa Maria Bradley, 40, of Santa Barbara, plead guilty to multiple counts stemming from a felony complaint filed against the three defendants, and three other alleged co-conspirators.

Four additional Sheriff's Office personnel and one inmate have been found to be COVID-19 positive. One Sheriff's Deputy, two Custody Deputies and one member of our professional staff have been found to be COVID-19 positive.

Sheriff's Detectives, along with detectives from the Santa Barbara Police Department have arrested a suspect for alleged sex crimes that targeted elderly victims in a care home on S. Patterson Avenue in Goleta, as well as a second care facility in the City of Santa Barbara.

Two additional Sheriff's Office personnel and five inmates have been found to be COVID-19 positive.

The County of Santa Barbara, Community Services Department, Parks Division, recently completed construction of site improvements and a new ranger office at Arroyo Burro Beach Park, 2981 Cliff Drive.

Twenty-eight additional inmates and nine additional Sheriff's Office personnel have been found to be COVID-19 positive this week.

In light of the State's direction for California counties to prioritize vaccination for people 65 years of age and older, Santa Barbara County is beginning vaccination efforts for people 75 years of age and older.

En vista de la dirección del Estado para que los condados de California den prioridad a la vacunación de las personas mayores de 65 años, el Condado de Santa Bárbara está comenzando a vacunar a las personas mayores de 75 años.

Three suspects from a robbery in Carpinteria were arrested hours later in Goleta when a citizen spotted them and called 9-1-1.

On January 12, a few days after the third anniversary of the 1/9 Debris Flow, the Santa Barbara County Public Works Department took another step in the rebuilding process when it replaced the East Mountain Drive Bridge over San Ysidro Creek.