Project Title:Multiple Appeals of the Sagunto Place Supportive Housing Project

Case Numbers: 

20APL-00000-00012 (Asselstine Appeal)

20APL-00000-00013 (3687 Sagunto Street, LLC Appeal)

20APL-00000-00014 (Thompson Housing Applicant Appeal)

20LUP-00000-000150 & 18BAR-00000-00150                         

Project Location:

3699 Sagunto Street ; APN: 143-184-002

Santa Ynez area, 3rd Supervisorial District

Assigned Staff and Division:

Shannon Reese, Development Review Division

Project Status

The project on appeal before the County Planning Commission on August 12, 2020, is a Land Use Permit (LUP), Case No. 20LUP-00000-00035, and associated Design Review, Case No. 18BAR-00000-00150.

Project Description

The project description of 20LUP-00000-00035 is as follows:

The project is a request to authorize the construction of a 23-unit supportive housing project under the provisions of Assembly Bill 2162 as a by-right use in the C-2 zone. The proposed project includes a new 12,094 sq. ft., two-story structure with a maximum height of 34 ft.; the architectural tower feature has a maximum height of 38 ft. The second floor would include 14 units, and the ground level would include nine units, a common laundry room, common restrooms, a common kitchen, and two offices which can be combined to create a large meeting area. One of the 23 proposed units would be a manager's unit.

Each unit includes a bathroom and kitchen and would be approximately 357.5 sq. ft. in size. The supportive services offices would total approximately 715 sq. ft. of the first floor, and the common areas (laundry, restrooms, kitchen) would total approximately 894 sq. ft.

One hundred percent of the units, excluding the manager's unit, would be dedicated to lower income households (eighty percent area median income or lower). Twelve units will be restricted to residents in supportive housing who meet the criteria of the "target population", which is defined as persons, including persons with disabilities, and families who are "homeless," as defined by Section 11302 of Title 42 of the United States Code, or who are "homeless youth," as that term is defined by paragraph (2) of subdivision (e) of Section 12957 of the Government Code. These units would be rented to persons such as veterans, persons living with developmental disabilities, seniors (60 years or older), high-frequency medical system users, or other individuals who meet the criterion for target population and are homeless, as defined by Section 11302 of Title 42 of the United States Code.

Social workers, medical professionals, and other service providers would use the offices and meeting room to provide onsite supportive services to the residents. Supportive services may include, but are not limited to, case management services, medical and mental health care, employment counseling, and benefits advocacy. United Way of Northern Santa Barbara County will coordinate supportive services provided by three main service providers:

  1. New Beginnings Counseling Center funded by the Veteran's Administration;
  2. CHANCE, Inc. funded by the Tri-Counties Regional Center (DDS); and,
  3. United Way and AmeriCorps funded through the project development.

The proposed project includes 17 parking spaces, including two ADA compliant spaces, which would be located in front of the building. 

The southeast corner of the subject property is within a FEMA-designated regulatory floodway (Zone AE) and would be developed with a portion of the parking lot. The structure would be elevated to meet Flood Control requirements using fill dirt cut from the slope on the north portion of the subject property. An elevator in the building would take mobility-impaired pedestrians from the parking lot up seven feet to the ground floor in lieu of a ramp; the elevator would also serve the second floor.

The project includes 5,770 sq. ft. of drought-tolerant, native landscaping, as well as 6,566 square feet of permeable paving. It does not include any tree removal. The project includes 350 cubic yards of cut and 300 cubic yards of fill. The project includes exportation of excess cut to 2170 Cebada Canyon Road, Lompoc, CA 93436. The project includes a 42-inch tall post and rail fence along the property line on the Manzana Street frontage and the Meadowvale Road frontage. The split rail fencing adjoins a 6-foot tall CMU block wall along 105 feet of the property line shared with the adjacent lot to the west. Access would be provided by an unfenced access driveway off Meadowvale Road.

The Santa Ynez River Water Conservation District would provide water. The Santa Ynez Community Services District would provide sewer service. The County Sheriff and Fire Department would also service the project.

Background Information

The project was submitted on March 30, 2020, to be processed pursuant to Assembly Bill (AB 2162), which was passed and adopted at the state level and went into effect on January 1, 2019. The bill mandates how qualifying supportive housing projects must be processed and approved by all municipalities.

In accordance with Article 11 of AB 2162, a local government is required to complete its review of AB 2162 eligible projects with 50 or fewer units within 60 days after the application is deemed complete. The Land Use Permit (Case No. 20LUP-00000-00150) and design review (Case No. 18BAR-00000-00150) for the project were approved on Friday, June 12, 2020. Two appellants filed an appeal of the Director's approval on June 19, 2020, and June 22, 2020, respectively. Subsequently, the project applicant filed an appeal in response on June 22, 2020.

Interested parties may observe the live stream of the County Planning Commission meetings on (1) Local Cable Channel 20, (2) online at; or (3) on YouTube at Additional information regarding opportunities for public comment via letter, telephone, or Zoom (teleconferencing) will be included in the County Planning Commission agenda for August 12, 2020.

Important Links

The agenda with information regarding public comment opportunities and the project staff report will be available on August 5, 2020, at the following link to County Planning Commission documents under the file named '8-12-20':