Project Title:Orcutt Marketplace (Orcutt Key Site 1)
Case Number: 

15DVP-00000-00009,15CUP-00000-00017, 15CUP-00000-00018

Project Location:APNs 113-250-015, 113-250-016, -017
Assigned Staff and Division:

Holly Owen, Development Review Division


The 30-day public scoping period for the preparation of a Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) was completed on Friday, January 18, 2019.Aerial showing project site location (Key Site 1)


The proposed Orcutt Marketplace project is a request to construct 248,144 sq. ft. of commercial development and 211,264 sq. ft. of mixed-use residential development (252 apartments) for a total of 422,304 sq. ft. of gross floor area on Orcutt Key Site 1. Key Site 1 is located at the northwest corner of Highway 101 and Clark Avenue in the Orcutt Community Plan (OCP) area. Key Site 1 is designated as General Commercial and zoned C-2 (Retail Commercial). The Orcutt Community Plan designates Key Site 1 as a "gateway" site for development of a commercial center. Proposed commercial uses include a new hotel, gas station with carwash, four restaurants (three with a drive-through), a pharmacy with a drive-through, and a bar/tavern. Outdoor amenities are proposed that are associated with various components of the project as follows: Hotel - swimming pool with spa; Residences - swimming pool with spa, cabanas, bocce court, gravel lounge area, video projection system, fireplace, fire table lounge, gravel seating garden, water feature focal element, and ping pong table; Bar/Tavern: horseshoe courts, fireplace, gravel seating garden, water feature bar top; Shopping Center - flexible turf area with seating and a patio dining/seating area. Access to the site would be provided by three access points from Clark Avenue.

The primary access point to the project site would be the main, new signalized entry on Clark Avenue, which is identified in the OCP as the "preferred signalized entrance". This is the main entry access point that provides ingress and egress to the site from both directions on Clark Avenue. The access points located to the west and east of the primary entrance to the site will be "right-in, right-out" intersections. A 12' wide (8' wide paved trail with 2' wide shoulders on each side) Class I bikeway and multi-use trail is proposed along the full length of the eastern property boundary and would terminate at the eastern shopping center entry on Clark Avenue. A pedestrian path would begin at the main intersection and extend through the center 'spine' of the development between the mixed-use buildings and through the brewery area to the hotel. The proposed project includes structures which exceed the 35-foot height limit in the C-2 zone district (Building Pad D, Hotel and Buildings AI/A2). The tallest of the proposed structures is the proposed hotel, which would be 68 feet in height. Buildings "AI" and "A2" would each 59.9 feet in height, Building Pad D would be 38.5 ft. in height. The applicant requests that the decision-maker consider approving a modification to the height limit of the structures listed above in conjunction with the Development Plan. Grading for the project would include 93,000 cubic yards of cut and 80,650 cubic yards of fill with a net cut of 12,350 cubic yards.


SEIR Contract with LSA, Inc. approved by the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors - January 29, 2019

SEIR Scoping public comment period ended - January 18, 2019


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