Project Title:Orcutt Key Site 3
Case Number: 

13GPA-00000-00005, 13RZN-00000-00001, 13DVP-00000-00010

13TRM-00000-00001, 17RDN-00000-00005

Project Location:APN 129-151-026; located approximately 0.5 mile south of the Clark Ave/US Highway 101 intersection, Orcutt Community Planning area, 4th Supervisorial District
Assigned Staff and Division:

Shannon Reese, Development Review Division


The Final SEIR for the project was finalized September 10, 2020.  The project is scheduled at the Planning Commission on November 4, 2020.

Project Summary

        The proposed project is a request by SB Clark, LLC, for approval of Vesting Tentative Tract Map (VTTM), General Plan Amendment, Rezone, Road Naming and Development Plan entitlements. The VTTM request includes a two-lot subdivision of the approximately 8-acre portion of the site that was rezoned to MR-O in February of 2009 as part of the Housing Element Focused Rezone Program. The project also proposes to develop 119 single-family residential units with a small lot, detached cluster home product on the northern portion of the site. Approximately 113.5 acres (82% of the 138.6 acres subject to the proposed DVP) of the site are proposed as public and private open space. The open space area includes the upper mesa bluff area, Orcutt Creek, private parks and trails, public multi-use trails, landscaped basins, and natural and restored habitat on hillsides and along the creek.


        Santa Barbara County Planning Commission - November 4, 2020

        Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors - TBD

        Public Comment

        The agenda with information regarding public comment opportunities and the project staff report will be available on October 28, 2020, at the following link to County Planning Commission documents under the file named '11-4-20': 


        Transmittal of Proposed Final Environmental Impact Report (2020)

        Final SEIR Revision Letter (2020)

        Final SEIR Volume 1 (2020)

        Final SEIR Volume 2 (2020)

        DRAFT Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (EIR) (2015)

        Draft Supplemental EIR Appendices (2015)

        Notice of Preparation (NOP)

        EIR Scoping Paper (June 2014)