Project Title:Orcutt Key Site 3
Case Number: 13GPA-00000-00005, 13RZN-00000-00001, 13DVP-00000-00010 
Project Location:Orcutt
Assigned Staff and Division:

Holly Owen, Development Review Division


Preparation of the Final Subsequent Environmental Impact Report is in progress.


        The site has two Land Use and Zoning designations consisting of Residential Ranchette, with a 10-acre minimum parcel size (RR-10) and Multifamily Residential-Orcutt (MR-O). The MR-O zone is located in the north central portion of the site and covers approximately 8 acres. The proposed OCP Amendment and Rezone applications would establish an Planned Residential Development (PRD) zoning on the remaining 131 acres in order to accommodate the 125 proposed single family homes. The application also includes a request to amend OCP Development Standard KS 3-6 and KS 3-7 to specify that secondary access would be provided via a new road that would be linked to Chancellor Street which connects to Stillwell Road. In accordance with the OCP, primary access to the site would be provided via a new road off of Clark Avenue and through Key Site to the north. Additionally, the proposed project includes recreational amenities such as private neighborhood parks, private and public open space areas, and the eastern portion of the Orcutt Creek multi-use trail system.


        Santa Barbara County Planning Commission - TBD

        Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors - TBD


        DRAFT Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (EIR) (2015)

        Draft Supplemental EIR Appendices (2015)

        Notice of Preparation (NOP)

        EIR Scoping Paper (June 2014)