Project Title:

ERG West Cat Canyon Revitalization Plan Project

Case Number:  14PPP-00000-00001 & 14DVP-00000-00009
Project Location: Cat Canyon, Santa Barbara County
Assigned Staff and Division: Nancy MinickEnergy, Minerals & Compliance Division


UPDATE: ERG has requested a continuance of the next Planning Commission Hearing to August 14, 2019.

March 2019 – Present: On June 25, 2019, ERG requested that the August 14, 2019 hearing be continued indefinitely. Staff has recommended that the Planning Commission drop the ERG items from its agenda. The memorandum to the Planning Commission will be posted  at:

The Planning Commission opened its hearing on the ERG project at its regular meeting in Santa Maria on March 13, 2019. Public testimony was taken after presentations by staff and the applicant. The hearing was continued to March 27 to discuss specific questions from the Commission about the project EIR. Additional public testimony also was heard. The hearing was then continued to Wednesday, May 29, 2019. On May 29 the Planning Commission granted ERG's request to continue the hearing to August 14, 2019.


The WCCPP project includes the development of 233 new thermally enhanced (steam injection) wells, installation of four additional steam generators, and replacement of the existing 4-inch diameter fuel gas pipeline with an 8-inch diameter line. The project includes 10 new well pads, 1 new steam generator pad, and the use of 91 existing pads for a total of 102 well and equipment pads, the installation of inner-field piping and other supporting equipment. All proposed facilities would be located on approximately 75 acres within ERG's 8,054-acre West Cat Canyon property holdings. Existing ERG operations include 185 active or idle non-thermal wells and 314 active or idle thermal wells. Water for steaming the proposed wells would be obtained from the brine water produced by ERG's field operations on the Project property.


March 27, 2019: Planning Commission hearing; continued to May 29.

March 13, 2019:  Planning Commission hearing; continued to March 27.

February 2019: Proposed Final EIR released

August 3, 2018: Public comment period on the Draft EIR closed.

July 17, 2018: Public comment hearing on the Draft EIR held in the Planning Commission Hearing Room in Santa Barbara (audio recording of speaker comments is available here; video recording not available).

June 25, 2018: Public comment hearing on the Draft EIR held on at the Betteravia Government Center in Santa Maria (video available at:

June 4, 2018: Draft EIR released for public review.

September 16, 2015: Public Scoping Meeting held in Santa Maria.

August 17, 2015: Notice of Preparation was released of an Environmental Impact Report (County Case Number 15EIR-00000-00004).

March 3, 2015: The Board of Supervisors approved a contract for Aspen Environmental Group to prepare an Environmental Impact Report for the project.

October 2, 2014: The application was determined to be complete.

September 14, 2014: ERG re-submitted an application for an Oil Drilling and Production Plan and a Development Plan. 

July 3, 2014: The application was determined to be incomplete.

June 3, 2014: ERG submitted an application for an Oil Drilling and Production Plan and a Development Plan.


Decision Maker Hearing Materials

Staff Report, March 13, 2019

CEQA Materials

Final Environmental Impact Report, February 2019

Draft Environmental Impact Report, June 2018

Notice of Availability, June 4, 2018

Notice of Completion, May 24, 2018

Notice of Preparation, August 24, 2015

Permit Application Materials

Additional Information

If you have any comments or questions, please contact the project planner Nancy Minick via email.