Hazardous Waste Element                      


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Dan Klemann, Deputy Director, Long Range Planning

Hazards element

The Hazardous Waste Element includes goals, policies and criteria that must be evaluated for proposed hazardous waste facilities. A hazardous waste is defined as a waste that is toxic, corrosive, ignitable, reactive, an irritant, or a strong sensitizer and thereby poses a threat to human health and the environment. These wastes have become a common by-product of our modern industrial society and an integral part of our growing economy. As such, it can be expected that our society will continue to use products associated with the generation of hazardous wastes. This emphasizes the need for proper management of current as well as future hazardous wastes with the goal of minimizing the amount of waste generated and reducing the hazard of what is generated. If environmentally sound and economically feasible waste management solutions are not made available, the use of outmoded disposal practices will continue and public health and the environment will be threatened by a further increase in the illegal disposal of hazardous wastes. 

Planning Documents

Hazardous Waste Element (PDF)

Hazardous Waste Element Executive Summary (PDF)

Hazardous Waste Element Appendices (PDF)

Element Text Amendments (Folder)