County of Santa Barbara Codes, Policies and Regulations

County Codes

Chapter 9A - Brush Removal

Chapter 10 - Building Code

Chapter 11 - Mobile Homes

Chapter 14 - Grading Code

Chapter 14C - Film Permit Office

Chapter 21 - Land Division

Chapter 24A - Administrative Fines Ordinance

Chapter 25 - Petroleum Code

Chapter 35 - Land Use and Development Codes and Zoning Ordinances

* Click here for a complete list of the Santa Barbara Code of Ordinances.

County Policies

County of Santa Barbara Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan (general plan) expresses the community's development goals and embodies public policy relative to the distribution of future public and private land uses. 

County of Santa Barbara Community and Area Plans

Community and Area Plans are adopted as amendments to the Land Use Element and/or Coastal Land Use Plan (if applicable area is within the coastal zone) and are often used by cities and counties to plan the future of a particular area at a finer level of detail.

Uniform Rules

The Uniform Rules define eligibility requirements and qualifying uses that each participating landowner must follow in order to receive a reduced property tax assessment under the Williamson Act.