County of Santa Barbara Community and Area Plans 

Community and Specific Plans are adopted as amendments to the Land Use Element and/or Coastal Land Use Plan (if applicable area is within the coastal zone) and are often used by cities and counties to plan the future of a particular area at a finer level of detail. A community plan is a portion of the Land Use Element or Coastal Land Use Plan focusing on the issues pertinent to a particular area within the city or county. A specific plan is a special set of development standards that apply to a geographic area. These documents supplement and must be consistent with the policies of the Comprehensive Plan. Development of Community and Specific Plans is not mandatory.

Santa Barbara County has a total of 10 Community/Area Plans. Each Community Plan contains goals, policies, and standards guiding development of the community it serves.

  Community Plan Graphic Cuyama Valley Goleta Valley Gaviota Coast Isla Vista Lompoc Valley Los Alamos Mission Canyon Montecito Orcutt Santa Ynez Valley Summerland Toro Canyon