Environmental Review

Environmental Thresholds and Guidelines Manual

Environmental Thresholds and Guidelines Manual has been prepared to assist the public, the applicant, environmental consulting firms, and County decision makers in understanding the use and application of various environmental impact thresholds as they relate to project proposals.

County of Santa Barbara Guidelines for the Implementation of CEQA

County Guidelines for the Implementation of CEQA establishes the definitions, procedures and forms for implementation of CEQA and acts as a supplement to the State CEQA Guidelines.

This document is updated on a periodic basis in order to include amendments adopted by the Board of Supervisors. Recently adopted amendments may not yet be incorporated into this copy.

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

California Public Resources Code and State CEQA Guidelines establish requirements intended to inform decision-makers and the public of potential environmental effects of proposed activities, identify ways to reduce or avoid environmental damage, prevent environmental damage by requiring changes to projects, and disclose why a project has been approved where significant environmental effects are involved.

Guide to County of Santa Barbara Conditions of Approval and Mitigation Measures

Consultants preparing environmental documents and applicants who want to incorporate regulations into their project design may want to consult the Planner's Guide to Conditions of Approval and Mitigation Measures. Please speak with an authorized representative of Planning and Development with any questions you have.