LUDC Republished

Republished: County and Montecito Land Use and Development Codes

On January 9, 2020, the Planning and Development Department republished in full the County and Montecito Land Use and Development Codes (LUDCs – the zoning ordinances for the inland areas of the County). To learn more please visit Planning and Development's Codes and Ordinances webpage. The record of the amendments are available on the Board of Supervisors website.


Electronic Plan Review

Building and Safety division is now accepting plans and design documents in PDF format for all submittals. Final approvals will be issued on a hard copy of digitally approved plans. Learn more...

Zoning Map

Find My Zoning Online

Planning and Development has created a new resource to assist property owners in determining the specific zone and land use designation for their property. This interactive map is located here .

Zoning Map

CSAC Challenge Award

County Planning & Development was recognized with a CSAC Challenge Award for its interactive map program that provided crucial information to property owners after the Montecito 1/9 Debris Flow. Watch the Video .