The Administration Division provides administrative work for the Department.  This division handles the Department's budget, personnel, billing, accounting, fees, and hearing support for various hearing bodies.  The division also provides hardware andsoftware support and mapping services.

Staff Contact


Name   Email Contact 
Lisa Plowman, Director
Steve Mason, Assistant Director 
Jeffrey Wilson, Assistant Director
Tonya Crandall, Executive Assistant 
Accounting Support    
Name    Email Contact 
Crysta Rider, Business Manager 
Vanessa Escobar, Accountant
David Lazaer, Financial Office Professional
Alyssa Lozoya, Financial Office Professional
Hearing and Clerical Support    
Name   Email Contact 
David Villalobos, Hearing Support Supervisor
Lia Graham, Hearing Support Assistant 
Sharon Foster, Hearing Support Assistant 
Terry Rodriguez, Admin Office Professional 
Kimberly Strange, Admin Office Professional 
Mapping and IT Support     
Name    Email Contact 
Linda Liu, Project Manager 
Christina Barr, Admin Office Professional 
Brett Buyan, Mapping and GIS Technician 
Kristoffer Ellison, Computer Systems Specialist 
Mark Smith, Computer Systems Specialist