2018 Extended Power Outage Exercise

Exercise Objectives

  • Activate disaster plans and public health, and facility/agency emergency operations centers in response to an extended power outage.
  • Coordinate status and public information between county public health, hospitals, health care, Office of Emergency Services, and California Department of Public Health.
  • Operate using roles based on the incident command system (ICS/HICS/NHICS etc.).
  • Test hospital and outpatient provider ability to communicate with patients and their families, the community, and essential supply vendors.
  • Test ability of health care providers to provide and receive status information via phone, electronic, radio and other means to the Public Health Department Operations Center.
  • Test ability to receive and confirm alerts via CAHAN
  • Test ability to use established procedures to request medical resources from the Public Health Medical and Health Operational Area Coordinator "MHOAC", and from public health to the region.
  • Test ability of hospital or clinic to receive an influx of patients from the community.