2014 Statewide Medical and Health Exercise

Infectious Disease Outbreak: Ebola

The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and the Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) program have begun the planning process for the annual Statewide Medical and Health Exercise Program. There is a four stage planning process culminating in the Statewide exercise on November 20th.

The 2014 Statewide Medical and Health Exercise is based on responding to an infectious disease event and will focus on Ebola. The EMS and PHEP units are using this scenario to plan an exercise that will allow healthcare Coalition partners within the Santa Barbara County to play and test their disaster capabilities.

In preparation for the upcoming exercise please review and plan to attend the planning meetings detailed below and on the Calendar of Events .

  1. Exercise Training and Tabletop with Partners:

    Hospitals, outpatient providers, dialysis, long term care, skilled nursing facilities, please choose one of the sessions below.

    • Santa Maria: October 21, 10:00am-1:00pm, Santa Barbara Public Health Department, 2115 S. Centerpoint Parkway Multipurpose Room
    • Santa Barbara: October 23, 9:00am-12:00pm, Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management, 4408 Cathedral Oaks Road
  2. All Partner Exercise Tabletop: November 13th, 10:00am-12:00pm Public Health Auditorium, 300 N. San Antonio Rd.
  3. Statewide Medical and Health Exercise: November 20th, 8:00am-12:00pm

In Preparation for the November 20th Exercise

Intent to Participate Forms:
All Other Partners

Hospitals & all other partners (includes SNF, LTC, Outpatient Providers, ambulance services, home health agencies, law enforcement, home health, dialysis centers, office of emergency services etc.) intent to participate in scheduled trainings, tabletops and Statewide Exercise must must return this form to Emergency preparedness Program by November 1st, 2014.

Exercise Planning Forms:
Outpatient Providers
SNF/LTC/Home Health

Exercise planning forms for healthcare partners. Many facilities/agencies completed these during the trainings in Santa Maria and Santa Barbara. Use this planning form with your staff in preparation for the exercise.

Exercise Training & Tabletop Presentation:
Santa Maria
Santa Barbara

Slides from the Exercise Training & Tabletops on Oct 21st & Oct 23rd.

Additional Resources

Ebola 101- CDC Slides for US Healthcare Workers
NEW!! Ebola Preparedness and Response for Outpatient and Ambulatory Care Settings- CDPH 11/17/14

Forms to Use During the Exercise

Partner Instructions
Participation Instructions and Evaluation Forms for healthcare facilities/agencies including: clinics, home health, dialysis, skilled nursing facilities, long term care facilities and other outpatient providers.
*Please remember to complete and submit the Exercise and Evaluation Form at the end of the exercise either through email or fax.

SNF/LTC Instructions
Outpatient Providers Instructions
PHD Healthcare Centers Instructions
Home Health Instructions
Dialysis Instructions

Status Forms
The Status Form that pertains to your facility type will be sent to the Public Health Department Operations Center (DOC) Operations Branch via email/fax or phone call

SNF/LTC Status Form
Outpatient Provider Status Form
PHD Healthcare Centers Status Form
Home Health Status Form
Dialysis Status Form

Resource Request Forms
The Resource Request Forms are sent to the Public Health Department Operations Center (DOC) Logistics Branch via email/fax or phone call. Once of the three forms is used to request specific resources.

Medical Supplies

Additional Forms

NEW!! Outpatient Provider Checklist of Information for Suspect Ebola Patient Please complete this form prior to calling the Health Officer if your facility is exercising a suspect Ebola patient on November 20th.
UPDATED! Outpatient Ebola Screening Algorithm
UPDATED! Outpatient Ebola Phone Screening Form

Contact Stacey Rosenberger if you have any questions: stacey.rosenberger@sbcphd.org