Contact List

Deputy Director of Community Health

(805) 681-5435

EHS Director

Lawrence D. Fay Jr.
(805) 346-8463

Technical Services

Inspection and Enforcement Services for:

  • Body Adornment
  • Land Use
  • Liquid Waste
  • Ocean Water Quality Monitoring
  • Solid Waste Facilities
  • Water Quality
  • Waste Tire

Santa Maria:

Supervisor:  David Brummond
(805) 346-7348

Individual Sewage Disposal Systems (ISDS)
Plan Checker: Dana Solum, REHS
(805) 346-8466

Santa Barbara:

Individual Sewage Disposal Systems (ISDS)
Plan Checker: Marilyn Merrifield, REHS
(805) 681-4941

Individual Water Systems

Santa Barbara:

Plan Checker: Marilyn Merrifield, REHS
(805) 681-4941

Santa Maria:

Plan Checker: Dana Solum, REHS
(805) 346-8466

Single and Multiple Water Systems

Santa Barbara / Santa Maria

Plan Checker: Deanna Talerico, Senior REHS
(805) 346-8475


Santa Barbara Office: (805) 681-4900

Santa Maria Office: (805) 346-8460

Community Services

Inspection and Enforcement Services for:

  • Food Facilities - Retail
  • Housing and Institution Safety
  • Public Health Emergency Response
  • Recreational Health
  • Vector Surveillance Program

Santa Barbara:

Supervisor:  Kendra Wise, REHS
(805) 681-4938

Plan Checker: Norma Campos Bernal, Senior REHS
(805) 681-4916

Santa Maria:

Supervisor:  Kathy Cardiel, REHS
(805) 346-8462

Plan Checker: Jason Johnston, Senior REHS
(805) 346-8465


Randy Silva
EHS Web email:

Communication and Notification

Hazardous Materials Release or Threatened Release

Click here for Release Reporting Guidelines

  • If this is an emergency, call 911
  • Call and report the incident to the State Warning Center at 1-800-852-7550
  • Call and notify Santa Barbara County at 805-681-4927
These notifications are required by 19 CCR Section 2631

Request for Records


To report a Food Borne Illness (FBI), sewage spill or a general complaint, please speak directly to our office professionals. You may contact our office staff in the North County office in Santa Maria at (805) 346-8460 (Press 3 to reach the front desk) or our South County office in Santa Barbara at (805) 681-4900 (Press 3 to reach the front desk). Complaints can also be sent to our website

Note: Environmental Health Services does not respond to mold complaints. More information on Mold

Retail Food Establishment Online Inspection Results

The primary goal of the Santa Barbara County Environmental Health's Food Safety Program is to prevent the occurrence of food borne illnesses through regulatory and educational efforts with restaurants, markets and other retail food facilities.

"Retail Food Establishment Online Inspection Results" is a web based service provided to inform the public about inspections conducted of retail food establishments in Santa Barbara County. The purpose of the inspections is to assure that food is being handled safely from preparation through serving to the customer.    Online Inspection Report Search.

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