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Santa Barbara County Public Health Department

Icon_PolicyThe Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors is responsible for setting policies on cannabis. These policies will be implemented by County departments. Plans are still in development, and updates can be found on the County website:

The Behavioral Wellness Dept. oversees drug prevention and treatment programs. For more information please see their website:

Icon_workshopNovember 3, 2017 Workshop:

An Educational Workshop for Professionals in Health, Mental Health, Substance Use Disorders, and Youth/Children's Services

Presentation: Cannabis in Colorado: The Public Health Impact of Legalization - Larry Wolk, MD MSPH

Presentation: Cannabis, Cognitive Functioning, and Mental Health - J. Cobb Scott, PhD

Video: Preparing for Recreational Cannabis Session 1: Dr. Larry Wolk

Video: Preparing for Recreational Cannabis Session 2: J. Cobb Scott, Ph. D.

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