Fiscal Management Training

Fiscal Training

The Offices of the County Executive and Auditor-Controller are requiring taking the County's new Fiscal Management Training for Executives and Managers.  This is now available through your Skillsoft EU E-Learning Portal.  This is a 1-hour course that provides an introduction to certain fiscal management concepts at the County of Santa Barbara, including:

  • The County's Financial Management Structure
  • Internal Controls
  • Financial Reports
  • Budgetary Control and Monitoring
  • Key Financial Policies
  • Reporting and Accountability Procedures

All current members of County Management are required to complete this course. As this will be an eligibility requirement for potential salary increases in the FY 2019-20 Leadership Evaluations, please ensure you complete the training by the required due date. 

If you are current county employee and want to access Skillsoft instructions, go to our County Connect, Human Resources Department. Under Employee Resources, click on Organizational & Talent Development, click on SkillSoft.