How do I enroll in an FSA

  • Go to

  • Create a new User Name and Password to login 

  • Choose the amount you would like deducted from your paycheck in 2020 over 26 pay periods.


How do I manage my FSA account?

BCC's My SmartCare is the tool you will use as an online portal or mobile app for iOS/Android users. 

1. Online portal: go to  

2. Mobile App: download the "BCC SmartCare" mobile app from your app store

3. My SmartCare registration:

Use your SSN as your Employee ID (No spaces or dashes)

User your FSA debit card number as your Registration ID

If you have questions or need assistance, call BCC Customer Service at 800.685.6100.

Remember that all FSA amounts will be pre-tax deductions on your paycheck.