Your Clean Commuter Benefits

Transportation Demand Management Program (TDM) Vacation Benefit:

Regular employees that work part-time or full-time use a qualifying commute mode at least 60% of their normally scheduled work days in a pay period can accrue up to 2 extra vacation days per year.

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County Pre-Tax Fare Contribution

For employees that want to use transit to get to work, the County will match up to $10/month when using the bus, train, or vanpool. fares for employees that contribute at least $10/month in a pre-tax account.

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Santa Barbara County Free Rideshare Parking

The County encourages employee participation in carpools and vanpools which enables more employees to use existing County parking facilities. Therefore, those employees who participate in a Carpool Group are entitled to park in the employee parking lot(s) with minimal employment seniority.  To obtain more  information County Downtown Parking options.

Guaranteed Ride Home

County employees who use an alternative method of transportation to commute to work and then have an unexpected emergency may utilize the "Guaranteed Ride Home Program" to commute home.

How the program works: Employees who use an alternative method of transportation to commute to work and then have an unexpected emergency may request the use of a County motor pool vehicle to commute home.

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Teleworking from an approved alternate work location such as a home office can eliminate the need to commute to work. Teleworking can provide greater flexibility for employees, and a more productive work environment with fewer in office interruptions or distractions. Teleworking can be done on a regular interval, such as once a week or every two weeks, or more intermittently (as-needed or requested). Telework may be more conducive to certain types of work and must be approved.

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Alternative Work Week Schedules:

Employees work longer days for part of the week or pay period in exchange for shorter days or a day off during that week or pay period. Benefits include more days off; less time spent commuting to work, and longer service hours. The County offers three options for alternative working schedules subject to position and manager approval:

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