BASIC LIFE and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) (County paid benefit)

Basic Life Insurance pays your beneficiary a lump sum if you die. AD&D provides another layer of benefits to either you or your beneficiary if you suffer from loss of a limb, speech, sight, or hearing, or if you die in an accident. The cost of coverage is paid in full by the County of Santa Barbara. Coverage is provided by Voya Financial. 

Eligible Group Basic Life and AD&D Amount
Department Heads, Board of Supervisors and Elected Officials $50,000
Assistant Department Heads $30,000
Managers & Unrepresented Attorneys, Confidential Employees, and employees in job classes represented by:
  • Deputy District Attorneys Association
  • Civil Attorneys Association
  • Deputy Sheriffs Association
  • Engineers & Technicians Association
  • SEIU Local 620 & 721
  • Fire Fighters Locals 2046
  • Probation Peace Officers Association
  • Union of American Physicians & Dentists

Taxes: Due to IRS regulations, a life insurance benefit of $50,000 is considered a taxable benefit. You will see the value of the benefit included in your taxable income on your paycheck and W-2. 

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Beneficiary means a person you name to receive death benefits.  You may name one or more beneficiaries. Make sure that you  have named a beneficiary for your basic life insurance.  You may change your beneficiary at any time. Note that some states require a spouse be named as a beneficiary unless they sign a  waiver.  Remember that a divorce or separation will not automatically affect a beneficiary designation, so please review  you beneficiary election(s) to ensure it accurately reflects your wishes.