Coordinated Entry System

Due to HUD mandate, as of January 23, 2018, the County of Santa Barbara has implemented a Coordinated Entry System. A Coordinated Entry System (CES) is a community-wide system to standardize and expedite the process by which people experiencing homelessness, or who are at risk of homelessness, access housing and homeless resources. It connects the community's network of homeless services and housing resources while streamlining, standardizing, and coordinating the homeless intake, assessment, and referral processes. Through CES, people experiencing homelessness will be matched to services and housing based on their preferences and level of need. Standardizing the intake process across the county, sharing information in real-time, and adopting uniform prioritization policies are all at the core of a high-performing CES.

The County of Santa Barbara's Coordinating Agency for the CES is United Way of Northern Santa Barbara County. The overarching responsibility of the CES Coordinating Agency is to ensure that homeless persons receiving services in the County are accessing those services through the CES. The CES Coordinating Agency is responsible for the success of the CES project including its day-to-day activities, oversight, and evaluation, and management of the CES.

Regional Entry Points are the primary entry point for Coordinated Entry. These entry points are resource centers where individuals and families experiencing homelessness can get help finding housing and other resources. Regional Entry Points have limited walk-in hours available. Walk-in appointments are first come first served. Click Below for Regional Entry points:

Regional Entry Points

For more information on the Coordinating Agency and/or Regional Entry Points please visit their website at: Home For Good