Subsidized Child Care

Subsidized Child Care provides safe, quality, appropriate child care services to CalWORKs families and other low-income families who meet state income and eligibility requirements.

Subsidized child care is a three-stage system. The goal is to provide a seamless transition between these three stages:

  1. Stage One subsidized child care is ensures that child care assistance is available to every Welfare-to-Work participant with a child under the age of 13.
  2. CalWORKs families move to Stage Two subsidized child care once their work or work activity has stabilized, and it continues for up to 24 months after discontinuance of CalWORKs.
  3. Stage Three subsidized child care begins once the 24-month Stage Two limit is reached, as long as there is a funded space and the family meets eligibility and income requirements.

Stage One subsidized child care is administered by our department. Stages Two and Three are administered by Alternative Payment Programs  under contract with the California Department of Education .

How can I receive services? CalWORKs recipients should contact their Welfare-to-Work Case Manager for information about Stage One subsidized child care. Information about Stage Two and Three care can be obtained from  Children's Resource & Referral  of Santa Barbara County.