Cash Aid

Do you need help making ends meet for yourself or your family? You may qualify for help through CalWORKs or General Relief.

CalWORKs is for parents of minor children. It helps parents who have lost their jobs, or become incapacitated or disabled, with temporary assistance for food, shelter, and basic living needs. Through its companion Welfare-to-Work program, employable parents receive help finding work, child care, and work training or short-term education, and can receive services to overcome barriers such as domestic violence or substance abuse. See our CalWORKs page for more information.

General Relief is a county program that offers small short-term loans to adults without children who need help meeting their most basic shelter and personal needs. Participants must sign agreements to repay county funds issued, which they can do by participating in work projects if employable, or by deductions from future disability benefits if unemployable. See our General Relief page for more information.


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