Independent Living Program

The Independent Living Program (ILP) provides services to Santa Barbara County Foster and Probation youth, ages 14-21, to prepare them for life after emancipation. We empower youth through life skills development, supportive services, community linkage and social connections, to help them successfully transition into independent living.

Our ILP Case Managers provide one-to-one support, targeting each youth's individual needs. We support youth in accomplishing goals within several life domains: Educational Planning, Employment/Job Skills & Career Planning, Financial Planning, Health & Wellness, Personal & Community Resources, Permanent Supportive Relationships; and Independent Living.

The ILP also conducts several types of events:

  • Independent Life Skills Development Workshops are held in each region, targeting specific competencies each month. Youth receive incentives and Certificates of Completion for each Skill Development Workshop they attend and complete. These workshops disseminate information, enhance skills and include youth in activity development. Independent Life Skills Development Workshops are entertaining, interactive, exciting and FUN!
  • Social Events are scheduled every quarter in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria. Our Social Events build positive relationships and promote unity, involvement, social interaction, social skills, leadership, health, fitness and good company!
  • Transitional Housing Events are scheduled quarterly at the Santa Barbara Transitional Living Center. Transitional Housing events target applicable life skills development, independent living, permanency planning and aftercare services for youth 18-24 years of age.

For more information, please visit the Independent Living Program / Transitional Age Youth website at , or reach out to your local Independent Living Program contact person:

Shannon Bell
FCNI ILP & THP-Plus Supervisor
(805) 602-8747 
Heidi Thompson, MSW
Santa Barbara County DSS ILP Coordinator & TAYS Unit Supervisor
(805) 346-8357