Child Welfare Services provides social workers specializing in Adoptions, serving all areas of the county. Our Adoptions Unit works to find loving, permanent homes for children in the Foster Care System. Our services include: 

  • Consulting and answering any questions regarding the adoption of children through the Child Welfare System
  • Accepting applications and licensing person(s) who want to adopt children through the Child Welfare System
  • Matching children to families that can best meet their needs and provide a permanent loving home
  • Completing Adoptive Home Studies for our homes where children are placed to be adopted
  • Providing services to assist families through the court and adoption process

We also provide relinquishment services. This means we work with parents who want to relinquish a child to be adopted.

All of our adoptions are finalized through Santa Barbara County's Juvenile Court, which streamlines the process of adopting a child.

If you are interested in becoming a resource family, or would like further information, please call 1-866-899-2649. You may also click here for further information and resources on adoption.