There are two pay periods per month. The first is for days 1st to 15th. The second is for days 16th to the last day of the month.


Timesheets should be submitted on the last day of the pay period. Early submissions will not be processed until the end of the pay period.


As of May 2020, all Santa Barbara County IHSS Providers and Recipients are required to submit and approve their timesheets either online via the Electronic Services Portal (ESP) or by phone via the Telephone Timesheet System (ETS).

Benefits of using electronic timesheets

  • Faster Provider payment
  • Enter and submit timesheets
  • Fewer timesheet errors
  • No more paper or postage costs
  • Request additional timesheets
  • View timesheet and payment status

Easy ways to Enroll

  • Online:

    IHSS Providers and Recipients should visit the IHSS Electronic Services Portal (ESP) to enroll in the Electronic Timesheet System (ETS).
    • Providers and Recipients are both required to enroll.
    • Each must use a different and valid email address.
  • By phone:

    Providers and Recipients also have the option of using Telephonic Timesheet System (TTS) instead of website.
    • PROVIDERS can call the Public Authority 866-313-1353 to obtain a provider passcode before they enroll.
    • RECIPIENTS must call their IHSS Social Worker to set up a recipient passcode before calling to enroll.
    • When ready to enroll, call Telephone Timesheet System at 1-833-342-5388 and follow the easy steps.


How to use the Electronic Services Portal (ESP)

To learn more about Electronic Visit Verification or Electronic Timesheets:

Resources for Free Cell Phones:

Need a phone to use to submit or approve timesheets? Contact a cell phone provider below to apply for a free phone:


What is Direct Deposit?

  • Direct Deposit is an optional way to receive your IHSS/WPCS paycheck.
  • With Direct Deposit, your IHSS paycheck is deposited directly into your checking or savings account, instead of being mailed to you through the U.S. Post Office.

What are some advantages of using Direct Deposit?

  • You can receive your paycheck faster
  • You no longer need to worry about your paper paycheck being lost or stolen
  • You no longer need to wait for a paper paycheck to be mailed to you, your IHSS/WPCS paycheck will be deposited directly into your bank account
Beginning July 1, 2022 IHSS and WPCS providers will be required to use Direct Deposit or a pay card to have their paychecks automatically deposited into a bank account or loaded onto a pay card of their choice.

Two Ways to Enroll for Direct Deposit:

  • By Mail:

    • Fill out and mail the SOC 829 Form, or call 1 (866) 376-7066 to request the SOC 829 Form be mailed to you.
    • Fill out the form and send it to: Provider Forms Processing Center, P.O. Box 1697, West Sacramento CA 95691-6697
  • Online:

    • Visit www.etimesheets.ihss.ca.gov. You must be registered on the IHSS website.
    • Log into your account on the IHSS website. Select the Direct Deposit option in the meny on the top of the screen, and follow the easy steps.
Please note that a separate enrollment form must be completed for each recipient for whom you provide IHSS services.
It takes approximately 30 days for the provider(s) to stert receiving Direct Deposit after they successfully submit their online Direct Deposit enrollment request.

Pay Cards

If you do not wish to use Direct Deposit, or do not have access to a bank account, the California Department of Social Services has identified pay card offerings from the financial services industry, below, that meet the State's requirements on consumer protection, excessive fees, insurance and norifications. However, providers can select any pay card provider they choose, even if not listed below.
  1. AAAA Paycard International, 1 (626) 390-5066, www.AAAAPCI.com
  2. First Data Government Solutions, Money Network Card, www.ProviderPayCard.com
  3. SmartGiving Card provided by Locker 81 Fundraising Solutions LLC, 1 (833) 542-5811, www.SmartGivingCard.com
  4. smiONE, 1 (866) 674-9628, www.smiONEcard.com/circle/ca
  5. U.S. Bank Focus Card, www.CAIHSS.usbank.com

Please contact the pay card provider of your choice directly for questions on pay card details and additional information.

For assistance completing your direct deposit form you may contact the IHSS Service Desk (866) 376-7066. When you call, you must have your provider number and your bank or pay card routing and account numbers for the IHSS Service Desk to assist you with completing your form. The IHSS Service Desk can be reached during Business Hours 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding major holidays).

Please do not call the county office, as they will not be able to help you with the direct deposit enrollment process. 


As of January 1, 2022, IHSS sick hours for Providers who work 100 hours will increase from 16 to 24 hours per year. .

Providers will be able to use paid accrued sick leave after working an additional 200 hours or 60 calendar days from the date when the provider earned the sick leave, whichever is first.

Providers will lose any unused sick leave at the end of each fiscal year. Accrued sick leave will not be paid at the end of employment.

Submit a paper copy:

IHSS Providers can request paid sick leave by completing Form SOC 2302 - IHSS Provider Paid Sick Leave Request ( English, Spanish). Submit the completed form to the following address for processing:

Sick Leave Processing Center
P.O. Box 989700
West Sacramento, CA 95798-9700

Submit an electronic copy:

IHSS Providers enrolled in ETS can complete a paid sick leave request on the IHSS Electronic Services Portal (ESP).

For complete information, go online to the California Department of Social Services Paid Sick Leave Program information page

For questions regarding sick leave earnings, usage, and balances, the IHSS Service Help Desk at (866) 376-7066 is available to answer questions. You may contact the IHSS Service Desk during normal business hours of 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.


Providers are paid overtime (time-and-a-half) for work over 40 hour per week, but are limited to 66 total hours per week. Overtime Violations occur for unauthorized overtime, which can suspend or terminate your provider status. Learn more by watching this informational video on the 2016 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) New Program Requirements (YouTube, 27.5 minutes).


A violation is the consequence of not following overtime and travel time limitations, and could cause you to be suspended from the program or terminated as an IHSS Provider. It is important that you follow the overtime and travel time limitations to prevent getting a violation. For more information on violations, see this CDSS Violations Handout.


The County of Santa Barbara and Department of Social Services In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) or IHSS Public Authority are not the employer for IHSS Providers. However, verification that the IHSS Provider has been employed by IHSS recipient(s) can be provided.

To request a Provider Employment Verification

  • Obtain our IHSS Provider Employment Verification Request Form.
  • The form will only be accepted if all sections are completed and is signed by the IHSS Provider.
  • Please read all the instructions on the form before submitting. A third party (i.e. Lenders, Housing Authority) may use their own form, but it must be accompanied with a signed authorization from the IHSS Provider in order to release any information.
  • Employment verification requests can be faxed or mailed to IHSS Public Authority

    By Fax

    • Fax your employment verification requests to: (805) 346-7601

    By Mail

    • Mail completed form to: IHSS Public Authority, 304 Carmen Ln, Santa Maria CA, 93458
  • Please allow up to 7 business days to process your requests.

What employment information can and cannot be verified?

  • The following is a list of what employment information can be verified:
    • Start Date
    • Job Title
    • Hourly Wage
    • Total gross year-to-date income for current year only
    • Last pay-period date, and if terminated
  • The following is a list of what employment information cannot be verified:
    • Letters of termination or reasons
    • Verbal verifications
    • Number of hours worked, assigned, or overtime hours
    • Employment verification for another County
    • Additional dates or additional historical information
    • Verification of wages or employment status pertaining to a specific IHSS recipient. All wages will be combined
    • Pay Stubs
    • Additional dates, re-verification, or any other information
    • IHSS Recipient names or case numbers
    • Projected amounts


A Replacement Registry Provider is eligible to receive a $25 stipend, in addition to their usual wage, each time he/she agrees to a request by the registry to be in a recipient's home, and reports to work, within two hours of being called. IHSS Public Authority staff must approve this in advance.