Community Networks

The Santa Barbara County Department of Social Services participates in several community networks that coordinate, improve upon, and report on programs and services that impact the well-being of children, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. These include the KIDS Network, Child Abuse Prevention Council, Adult & Aging Network, and Grants Consortium.

The Santa Barbara County KIDS Network was created by the County Board of Supervisors in 1991 as an advisory body on children and family issues. It is a countywide membership organization—including members from public agencies, community-based organizations, schools and school-linked programs and parent groups. It provides data on children's well-being, and supports key initiatives benefiting children and families. It also serves as the hub for Resilient Santa Barbara County, a countywide network dedicated to preventing and reducing the impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in Santa Barbara County. The KIDS Network is administered by the Department of Social Services. For more information, visit the Santa Barbara County KIDS Network website at .

The Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) of Santa Barbara County is a community council primarily focused on coordinating efforts in the county to prevent child abuse and neglect. The CAPC works to raise community awareness about child abuse and neglect; provides resources and education to organizations and community groups; and educates service providers working with families about the issues (such as the Mandated Reporting Law, Risk and Protective Factors for families, and how to prevent child abuse). Santa Barbara County's CAPC is open to anyone who is interested in preventing child abuse and neglect in our County. For more information, visit the CAPC website .

The Santa Barbara County Adult & Aging Network (AAN) includes representatives from many public and private agencies working to improve the lives of seniors and people with disabilities in our County. The AAN meets to set goals and priorities to help provide this population with health and human services, education, access and integration into the community; and advises the Board of Supervisors on these issues. For more information, visit the AAN website at . To review recent trends affecting the quality of life affecting Santa Barbara County's older citizens, see the 2012 Adult & Aging Scorecard .

The Santa Barbara County Grants Consortium is a community of public and private organizations dedicated to building partnerships that will improve the lives of children and families in our county. Members share ideas and expertise, identify resources to support a vibrant and healthy community, and work together to produce strong grant applications.