Careers in the District Attorney's Office


The District Attorney's Office offers diverse professional and para-professional job opportunities. Specific job descriptions and active recruitments are listed under the County Job Openings, and are briefly described below.



Attorney positions range from the Deputy District Attorney I entry level through Senior Deputy District Attorney. A flexible staffing structure provides for promotion through the I, II, III, IV and Senior levels based on performance vs. reapplication at each level. Deputy District Attorneys may be assigned to handle misdemeanor, felony, juvenile, civil or environmental cases. Paralegal positions are limited to assistance identifying mandatory restitution and follow-through to ensure collection.



Criminal Investigator I & II positions are flexible classifications, while the Senior Investigators are separate positions with lead responsibility for investigative teams. The units assist prosecutors with case preparation and prosecution support. Welfare fraud Investigators are assigned to investigate cases of public assistance fraud, obtaining orders for civil restitution and referring appropriate cases for criminal prosecution. Senior Investigative Assistants help the Investigators to prepare court exhibits, locate witnesses and assist with other case preparation tasks. Both Criminal and Welfare Fraud Investigators are peace officer classifications.


Victim Witness Assistance

The District Attorney's Office has Victim Witness Assistant I & II positions (flexible classifications) that assist victims of crime by providing initial counseling and referral for services, court support and application assistance to obtain financial recovery for losses due to violent rimes. VVC Claims Technicians review the applications and determine recovery to be provided, expediting State claims payments. Legal Support staff schedule witnesses for court appearances, provide case status information and make travel arrangements for out-of-town witnesses.


Legal Support

Legal Secretary I & II positions (flexible classifications) prepare criminal complaints for filing, provide case preparation support to attorneys and investigators, and track case dispositions utilizing a highly automated case management system integrated into the standard Microsoft Office products to produce legal documents. Office Assistants provide additional clerical support.



A Business Manager and Administrative Services Clerk provide fiscal, personnel, payroll and accounting support. Senior Computer Support specialists operate and support the DA's wide area network, provide user and application support utilizing the standard Microsoft Office Suite and a case management system, DAMION developed and supported by an outside vendor.



The following programs provide volunteer opportunities. Opportunities range from attorney interns to clerical aide support positions.


  • Criminal Division
  • Victim Witness Units
  • Consumer Mediation
  • Clerical Aide


Criminal Division

Attorney Interns

Throughout the year we have college students and law students who intern or clerk in our office.


College students can obtain a first hand look at the inner workings of our office, as well as attending many different court proceedings:


Arraignment, Search and Seizure motions, Bail hearings, trials, sentencing, and probation violations, to name a few. These internships provide a good insight and preliminary knowledge regarding law as a career.


Law students can observe all of the above, plus, if the student has completed the second year of law school, he or she can be certified to appear in court and handle actual cases under the supervision of a Deputy District Attorney.


Victim Witness Advocate Assistant

  • enter client data
  • track case status
  • send referral and resource information to victims of crime filing
  • assist with Victims of Crime compensation process


Consumer Mediation Representatives

Provide information and counsel consumers via telephone or in person Mediate problems between consumers and vendors Refer consumers to agencies that specialize in a specific consumer law Update referral sources.


Clerical Aide Duties:

  • typing
  • setting up file folders
  • filing
  • reception
  • data entry
  • case status inquiries
  • mail sorting and distribution
  • other clerical duties as assigned






Santa Maria/Lompoc


Mag Nicola

District Attorney's Office

312-D East Cook Street
Santa Maria, CA 93454
Telephone: (805) 346-7540


Santa Barbara

John Savrnoch
District Attorney's Office
1112 Santa Barbara Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Telephone: (805) 568-2300





Santa Barbara


Rosemary Torres (email)

District Attorney’s Office

1112 Santa Barbara Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93101






Rita McGraw

(805) 884-8077



Santa Barbara

Christina Perez

(805) 568-2390





Santa Barbara

Cristy Costa


Santa Maria

Shamra Lopez



Leticia Castillo







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