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Our lobbies are open to the public 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, for the use of self-service equipment; specifically the Payment and Computer KIOSKs. The health and safety of our community and staff continue to be of utmost importance and as such, we continue to follow social distancing requirements and Public Health Order (PHO) 2020-10. Pursuant PHO 2020-10 face coverings are required when entering our building since our lobbies are considered common areas. Thank you in advance for sharing in our efforts to minimize the spread of coronavirus.

Again, the lobbies are open for self-service use only. For all other services, we continue to be available by direct inquiry via our Child Support Enforcement (CSE) computer system, fax, e-mail, or by phone. 

Submit documents electronically via FAX at 1-805 346-7492

Direct Online Inquiry: https://www.cse.gov/CustomerConnect/login

Email: childsupport@co.santa-barbara.ca.us

Phone: Santa Barbara Office 1-805-568-2451

Santa Maria Office 1-805-346-1409 and 1-805-346-1408

Please leave a detailed message with your name, case number or participant identification number and a Child Support Specialist will return your call

General Customer Service Phone: 1-866-901-3212

Call Center hours: Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM


Please protect yourself by following precautions such as:


Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Clean frequently touched surfaces and objects.

Minimize close contacts like shaking hands or hugging 


El área de recepción de nuestras oficinas está abierta al público de 7:30 am a 5:00 pm de lunes a jueves para proporcionar acceso a equipos de autoservicio, específicamente la máquina para pagos y la computadora de autoservicio. La salud y la seguridad de nuestra comunidad y personal siguen siendo de suma importancia, continuaremos con los requerimientos del distanciamiento social y la orden del Departamento de Salud (PHO) 2020-10. En cumplimiento a la orden PHO 2020-10, se requiere cobertura facial cuando visite nuestras oficinas ya que nuestras recepciones son consideradas áreas comunes. Muchas gracias por su cooperación en ayudarnos a minimizar el contagio del coronavirus.

Una vez más, la recepción de nuestras oficinas estará abierta únicamente para el acceso al equipo de autoservicio. Para todos los demás servicios, seguimos estando disponibles por consulta directa a través de nuestro sistema (CSE), fax, correo electrónico o por teléfono.

Envíe documentos por fax al 1-805-346-7492 

Sitio para comunicación directa en línea: https://www.cse.ca.gov/CustomerConnect/login

E-mail: childsupport@co.santa-barbara.ca.us

Números de teléfono: -1-805-346-1409 o -1-805-346-1408

Por favor protéjase tomando las siguientes precauciones:


Lave sus manos frecuentemente con jabón y agua por lo menos 20 segundos, especialmente si va al baño, antes de comer, después de limpiar su nariz, toser o estornudar. Si solo tiene agua fría, lávese sus manos vigorosamente y por un tiempo más prolongado.

Evite tocarse los ojos, nariz y boca.

Limpie las áreas y objetos que toca frecuentemente.

Evite saludar de mano o abrazar a otras personas. 

Santa Barbara

260 N San Antonio Rd Suite C
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
FAX: (805) 346-7492 
[ MAP/Driving Directions ]

Santa Maria

201 S. Miller Street, Suite 206
Santa Maria, CA 93454
FAX: (805) 346-7492
[ MAP/Driving Directions ]

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve children and their families by establishing parentage and enforcing support orders in a fair and equitable manner.

Current News and Events


Persons Receiving Support who have received a new Way2Go Card:

The last date to use EPPICard funds will be 9/9/2020. On 9/15/2020, funds from EPPICard will transfer to Way2Go cards, individuals can access the funds on 9/16/2020 using their new Way2Go card. Please destroy the old EPPICard after 9/16/2020.

Persons Receiving Support who have not received a New Way2Go card:

Clients that were determined to be 'inactive', were not issued a Way2Go electronic payment card. These EPPICards will not be usable after 9/9/2020 and you need to withdraw funds from the card prior to this date.  Clients who do not withdraw remaining funds prior to 9/9/2020, must call 1-877-777-1617 to request their funds by check.  The request for a check cannot happen until after 9/16/2020.  It can take up to 60 calendar days for EPPICard to issue a check. It is strongly recommended clients use funds prior to account closure.

Please note, our department will be unable to assist customers who request checks from EPPICard. Cardholders will be required to work directly with EPPICard to retrieve EPC funds after 9/15/2020. Clients need to retrieve EPPICard statements prior to closure by going to www.EPPICard.com.

If you have received a letter stating your new EPC card is inactive, please call 1-877-777-1617 to request a replacement card. If you received your new card and are having difficulties setting a pin, please follow these instructions: 


1. Register online account first at goprogram.com

2. Navigate to PIN management under Services to set your PIN.  

3. Once both steps are completed, the card is activated and ready to use.


1. Enter Language selection and card number.

2. Enter date of birth, zip code, and participant ID number associated with your case, and CVC2 (located on the back of the card) to verify identity.

3. Select PIN menu and select a personal PIN. It must be entered twice for confirmation. 

4. If successful, you will hear a message that "your card is now ready for use". 

**Note some cardholders are pressing # (pound) to access their information using their personal information when the prompt states for the user to press * (star).


Until further notice all court hearings will be heard via Zoom Video Conferencing.  To download the application to your computer or smart device, visit their website: https://zoom.us/

Child Support 2020 Video / En Español


Welcome to the Child Support Services of Santa Barbara County website.

What we do:

  • Establish parentage
  • Locate a parent
  • Establish, modify and enforce a court order for child support
  • Collect and distribute child support payments
  • Establish and enforce medical support orders

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Director's Corner

Joni Maiden

Do you know someone who needs our services but can't communicate in English or Spanish? If they contact Child Support by telephone or in person and tell us what language they speak, we can help them -- with translation assistance from our language line. Through this contracted service, we have access to 200 different languages, and we'll do our best to reach across any barriers to provide assistance in DNA testing, parent location, and/or establishing court orders for financial and medical support. And if you speak English or Spanish, our fully bilingual staff is always ready to assist you, without the need of translation. We hope to work with you to make a difference in the life of your child.

Joni Maiden, MPA


Santa Barbara County Child Support Services