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County Library Advisory Committee

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The Board of Supervisors has by appointment created a Library Advisory Committee. The term of office of each member of the Advisory Committee shall run concurrently with the term of the Library Agreement, or until discharged at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors. Each contracting city, namely Santa Barbara, Lompoc, Santa Maria, and Goleta, shall nominate one member for appointment by the Board of Supervisors. In addition, the Cities of Carpinteria, Buellton, Guadalupe, and Solvang, in recognition of their significant contributions to free library service within the County, may nominate one member for appointment by the Board of Supervisors, and the County Supervisor of each supervisorial district shall appoint one member. In recognition of County Service Area 3's significant contributions to free library service, the County Board of Supervisors shall appoint one member from the residents of County Service Area 3. The Supervisors shall further appoint one member of its Board, or a designee, to chair the Library Advisory Committee. 

The Library Advisory Committee shall meet at least quarterly to review services and operations, and to make advisory recommendations to the Board of Supervisors as follows: 

  1. Insure adequate library services to all the inhabitants of the County of Santa Barbara; 
  2. Review annually the operation of the library system and this Agreement; 
  3. Submit advisory recommendations to insure adequate service to branch libraries; 
  4. Assure adequate exchange of information among libraries; 
  5. Determine the level of service necessary to insure adequate library services for all the residents of the County; 
  6. Consider site locations and building programs; 
  7. Receive notices of reductions to the level of library services; and 
  8. Receive citizen input regarding library-related issues and make recommendations thereon. 


County District Representatives
First District  Patricia Saley
Second District  Sharon Hoshida
Third District  Judith Dale
Fourth District  Barbara Raggio 
Fifth District  Carol Gregor
City Representatives
Buellton  Holly Sierra
Carpinteria  Gail Marshall
CSA 3   Alex Rodriguez
Goleta  Patricia Kistler
Guadalupe  Amelia Villegas
Lompoc  Alice Down
Santa Barbara   Milt Hess
Santa Maria      Betty Rose Gunn  
Solvang  Robert Clarke 
Library Directors
Zone 1- Santa Barbara
Jessica Cadiente
Zone 2- Lompoc   Sarah Bleyl
Zone 3-Santa Maria  Mary Housel
Zone 4-Goleta  Allison Gray
Board of Supervisors Representative
Das Williams, 1st District Supervisor 
County Staff
George Chapjian, Community Services Director
Eva Camarena, Executive Assistant 
Ryder Bailey, CFO  


Library Ad Hoc Committee

Purpose: Addressing the need for an effective and sustainable long term library service delivery model.

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December 2, 2020
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January 27, 2021   Meeting Packet
March 3, 2021 Meeting Packet
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May 26, 2021 Meeting Packet

Library Services       

Library services in the County are provided via the Cities' main libraries and various branch locations as a way to efficiently use existing facilities and prevent the creation of County-operated duplicate establishments.  The library service Cities are grouped into three zones as follows:  

Zone 1:   Santa Barbara.  Services provided to the cities and unincorporated areas located within or in close proximity to  Santa BarbaraCarpinteriaMontecitoSanta YnezEastside,  and Los Olivos.  

Zone 2:   Lompoc.  Services provided to the cities and unincorporated areas located within or in close proximity to  Lompoc, and  Vandenberg Village.  

Zone 3:   Santa Maria.  Services provided to the cities and unincorporated areas located within or in close proximity to  CuyamaGuadalupeOrcutt and  Santa Maria.

Zone 4: Goleta.   Services provided to the city and unincorporated areas located in close proximity to Goleta, Solvang and Buellton

The County's contribution to library services for each zone is based on the population of the cities and unincorporated areas within the respective zone as certified January 1st of the prior fiscal year (FY 2011-2012) by the California State Library Public Library Fund (PLF). 

Library Zones Map