Message From the Outgoing Chair

2019 began with a series of consequential events for women across Santa Barbara county, across our state, and across our nation. Santa Barbara county women (and girls), the Santa Barbara County Commission for Women (CFW) takes this opportunity to send you all a huge Shout Out for participating in our very successful "Women Speak Up" events that occurred during Women's History Month last March. You came out and spoke up in Isla Vista, Goleta, Carpinteria, Lompoc, Guadalupe and Santa Maria. Therefore, we are proud to announce that because of you our Commission won a competitive national award for the "Women Speak Up" program. We were presented the award last August by the National Association of Commissions for Women (NACW) at the 2018 annual conference that convened in Los Angeles. Our "Women Speak Up" program was deemed a model for the rest of the country. To you, the women of Santa Barbara County, CFW says: Thank You!

And let me extend my personal thanks to you all for the privilege to serve, and for the tremendous support you have given the Commission as I reach the limit of my capacity to serve as chair. In a matter of days, we will elect a new Chair. Please return to this website for the announcement of our new chair. 

We also had a number of other consequential events and programs from 2018 to the present moment that we want to build up and even surpass. See some photographic highlights of our events on this website. But first, you may be curious about my emphasis on the term "consequential." As we all know, last election cycle (2018) was quite the consequential election year (both locally and nationally). In 2010, President Obama famously said "Elections have consequences, and I won." Well, nationally, 110 women—from different backgrounds, including political, racial/ethnic, economic, religious and identity affiliations—were elected to the U.S. Senate, many for the first time. And at the California state level, we witnessed a number of women reelected to office as well new ones assuming political office for the first time. More locally, Santa Barbara County had a record number of new and younger women successfully get elected to school boards, commissions, and the same is true for appointed positions. Indeed, elections do have consequences, and 2018 showed us how women win, and we are dedicated to continue this consequence of winning women!

As always, it is important for us to stress that the (CFW) is non-partisan, which means we welcome and benefit from the input of women across the entire political, racial, gender, class and economic spectrum. Join us! We also invite you to Our new Chair of the Commission will no doubt have her own issues to add to our agreed upon plans outlined below. So, do check back to learn more about our soon to be elected Chair for the 2019-2020 term.  


Our plans for the 2019 - 2020 fiscal year include a number of events that are still in development. Nonetheless, we are happy to invite your participation as we move forward with the upcoming areas of activity: 1) Women in Leadership activities (i.e., conferences, workshops, town halls); 2) Outreach and Advocacy (i.e., community film screenings, partnerships and collaborations with local organizations, civic and business); 3) Policy (in 2020 redistricting will happen, we want to be involved in the conversation); Listening Sessions (Guadalupe and Cuyama are high on our list, following 2018's "Women Speak Up" events); 4) Community Service Awards (All 5 districts in the community recognize groups and individuals for their work benefitting the individual districts across the county); 5) Community Support (i.e., offer publicity support, expertise, nominal financial support, etc. to vetted groups and organizations offering activities that benefit women and girls). As usual, we will continue to support the annual Veterans Stand Down events that occur each October in Santa Maria. Finally, we are planning activities to celebrate and commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage. Yes, 2020 represents a continuations of the consequential changes in the lives of women particularly following our Constitutional rights to the ballot one hundred years ago! Check our website for more details of these events and much, much more.

Again, join us! Welcome our new chair! And remember, we need your voice and your participation. 

Anna Everett
Outgoing Chair