Welcome to the County of Santa Barbara Commission for Women!

We would like to hear from you and you are welcome to attend our meetings!  We meet monthly and our sessions are open to the public.


"Women in Agriculture" - 49 minutes, Speech and questions and answers of Cathy Fisher, Director of the Santa Barbara County Agriculture Commission.  

"Women in Government" - 1 hour and 29 minutes, Excellent glimpse into personalities and personal story of these fine women leaders!  You will enjoy it! 

Message from the Chair


To our CFW commissioners and community members, 

Phew…2021 is finally here!  Happy New Year! The year 2020 will be forever etched in memory by the challenges we have faced in our County, State, country, and global nation.  Testing our resilience was the rise of a global pandemic, a view on racial injustice, and a presidential election that championed our values as a nation and forced us to use media platforms to communicate and effectively collaborate. We also recall and commend the remarkable acts of strength, courage, and resilience by our frontline workers and leaders, who tirelessly supported and continue to adhere to the changing priorities and mandates of City, County and State government.

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