The County of Santa Barbara is updating its Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (MJHMP).

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Notice of Public Meeting:
Santa Barbara County Operational Area Emergency Services Council
Location: To be determined. Please see the most current agenda for participation information.

2022 Meetings: February 9, May 11, August 10, and November 9
Time: 8am-9am  
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Office of Emergency Management

The Santa Barbara County 
Office of Emergency Management

The Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management (SBCOEM) is a division within the County Executive Office and is responsible for emergency management and coordination of the Santa Barbara Operational Area. Operational Area entities include county departments, incorporated cities, unincorporated areas, special districts, universities, nonprofit and volunteer organizations, and private sector business and industry groups.

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Vision: To provide and sustain a comprehensive emergency management program that supports the County, incorporated cities, districts, and partners, both public and private. 

Mission: To enhance safety and preparedness through strong leadership, collaboration, communication, and meaningful partnerships designed to protect lives and property by effectively preparing for, preventing and mitigating, responding to, and recovering from disasters, threats, and emergencies. 

Values: Credibility, compassion and accountability.

In order to accomplish our mission, SBCOEM focuses on the following primary areas:

  • All-hazards disaster planning
  • Countywide testing, training and exercises
  • Public education and outreach
  • Public alert and warning
  • Operational Area coordination
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) operations
  • Short-term disaster assistance and long term recovery

Emergency Information, Notifications & Alerts: Emergency information received at the right time can help keep you safe during an emergency. In some cases, alerts and warnings can be sent to your mobile device, email, or landline phone to alert you that an unsafe condition exists and/or that you may be in harm's way. Santa Barbara County residents are encouraged to register to receive emergency notifications and alerts at:

  • And by texting their zip code to 888777 (to receive limited alerts and information via Nixle)

You can also follow us on social media at:

*Emergency and disaster information for current large-scale incidents can be found at

Preparedness Information: Individuals, households, businesses, government agencies, and others within the geographic limits of the county are encouraged to learn how they can be ready BEFORE an emergency or disaster strikes. Click below for links to preparedness information and resources.

Hazard-Specific Information: Click the links below for information and resources related to specific hazards and threats.

Foundational County Emergency Plans

SBCOEM develops and maintains emergency plans and procedures that address the full spectrum of natural, human-caused, and technological emergencies and disasters. Additionally, SBCOEM has compiled step-by-step procedures and planned courses of action to help emergency officials and responders carry out complex and routine operations. The plans listed below are foundational documents that provide officials with strategic direction, an operational framework, and a basis for decision making.

Contact the Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management

  • Address: 4408 Cathedral Oaks Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93110 
  • Main Line: 805-681-5526 | 805-681-5592 - fax | Email: 
  • 24/7 Emergencies: 9-1-1

Staff Listing

  • Director
    Kelly Hubbard, MS, CEM®  
  • Business Specialist                                           
    Sonia Thompson 
  • Mapping GIS Analyst
    Nancy Lucchetti 
  • Emergency Manager                                            
    Yaneris Muñiz 
  • Emergency Manager                                            
    JD Saucedo, M.S.E.D.M. 
  • Emergency Manager                                            
    Stacy Silva 
  • Technical Specialist  
    Dr. Donald Patterson 
  • Technical Specialist                                   
    Michael W. Dyer