Ordering a Copy of Real Estate Records

A recording reference is required for all copy orders. This may be a document number or book and page reference. The staff of the Recorder's office is not authorized to conduct searches for the public. For more information on how to search visit our Real Estate Records Index Search Guide.

If you do not have the recorded document information, you may look it up using the Real Estate Records Index (Official Records Search) (records since 1975) or the Historical Index (records from 1931 to 1974).

Copy Order Forms

Documents recorded after 1975 may be ordered directly from the Real Estate Records Index (Official Records Search).  A credit card is required.  Regular plain paper copies will be returned by email and certified copies will be returned by mail.  You will enter an email address and mailing address during the checkout process.  To pay with a check or money order please fill out an Official Record copy order request form. A document number is required for each document requested. 

To order documents recorded prior to 1975 please fill out a Real Estate Record copy order request form. A book and page number is required for each document requested. 

Copies may be requested in person at either of our offices or through the mail. Visit our Contact Us page for information on office locations, hours, and mailing address.

Fees and Return options

Order Type - In Person, by mail, or by fax Fee Type Fee
Copy Order Per Document $10.00
Certified Copy Order Per Document $12.00

If you are requesting the document through the mail or by fax you must also choose a return method:

Return Method Fee Type Fee
First Class Mail Handling Fee Per Order $2.00
Returned USPS Express Mail Per Order $23.50

We do not accept USPS first class stamped, self-addressed envelopes as a return option.

For orders returned via USPS Express mail, our office may provide you with a tracking number upon request which can be used to track your shipment through the United States Post Office.

Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods:
Check / Money Order: Please make payable to "Santa Barbara County Clerk-Recorder"
Money Order: Please ensure that all information on the Money Order is completed.
Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover (American Express NOT accepted).  If sending the request by mail, please complete the Credit Card Authorization Form

Note: Although credit cards are accepted for fees, we do not accept credit cards for payment of taxes, such as Documentary Transfer Tax.

If sending the request by mail for documents recorded prior to 1975 please complete the Credit Card Authorization Form. We also accept cash in person. Please Do Not send cash through the mail.

Copies of Maps

Map copies can be downloaded and/or purchased from the County of Santa Barbara Surveyor's Office.

Visit the County of Santa Barbara Surveyor's Office for more information on Recorded Maps.