Abandonment or Withdrawal from Partnership Information

 A Statement of Abandonment or Withdrawal from Partnership can be filed for an active Fictitious Business Name registered in Santa Barbara County. It cannot be filed for an expired Fictitious Business Name.

If you determine that filing an abandonment or withdrawal from partnership is necessary, and your original Fictitious Business Name was filed in Santa Barbara County, you may file the abandonment or withdrawal electronically, in person or by mail. Visit our Contact Us page for information on office locations, hours, and mailing address. Visit our General Filing Information Page - How to File for information on electronic filing. 

Please note: The withdrawal of a general partner does not cause the fictitious business name statement to expire if the withdrawing partner completes the withdrawal process as stated above.

You will be given a certified copy of the statement to  be published in a locally adjudicated newspaper.. The proof of publication must be filed with the County Clerk-Recorder's Office to complete the abandonment or withdrawal filing. See our Publishing Information page for a list of adjudicated newspapers in the area.

Statement of Abandonment ( B&P Code § 17922 )

Statement of Withdrawal from Partnership ( B&P Code § 17923 )

Fees and Return options

Filing Method Return Method Fee
In Person $30.00
By Mail USPS First Class Main $32.00
By Mail USPS Express Delivery $51.50

We do not accept USPS first class stamped, self-addressed envelopes as a return option.

Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods:
Check / Money Order: Please make payable to "Santa Barbara County Clerk-Recorder"
Money Order: Please ensure that all information on the Money Order is completed.
Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover (American Express NOT accepted).  For applications sent electronically or by mail please authorize a credit card though the online application.     
We also accept cash in person. Please Do Not send cash through the mail.